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RORY RETIRED? Don't you believe it!
Posted On:  09/07/2004
July 5th 2004
To whom it may concern,

Following the ISAF Mid Year meeting in San Diego, it has come to our attention that a rumour is being circulated that Rory Ramsden has quit the windsurfing scene and in particular his job as the Executive Secretary of the Aloha, Raceboard, Formula Windsurfing, Mistral Junior One Design and IMCO classes. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The facts are these.

Rory has been at the forefront of the administration of the Olympic windsurfing class since 1992 and, more recently, has taken on the added responsibilities of managing the day to day affairs of 4 other windsurfing classes. During this time, he has not taken up his entitlement of annual holidays. However, in the run up to the 2004 Olympic Regatta and in the light of the current ISAF evaluation process to assess possible new Olympic equipment, he has been asked to maintain a low profile so that a conflict of interest cannot arise from the fact that two of the classes that he serves have ambitions to be the next Olympic windsurfing Class.

Rory is employed as the General Manager of the IWA and is working in the background to co-ordinate the preparation of submissions to the ISAF November Conference including class rule changes etc… He has purposely not attended any of the ISAF Evaluation trials or become involved in the discussions following them. It is not his role to do so.

He is therefore working part time whilst studying to qualify as an RYA Ocean Yacht Master. He remains committed to the sport of windsurfing and will continue to offer his fulltime support and assistance in anyway that is asked of him in the future.
Rory is expected to return to full time duty with IWA early in the New Year .

Yours Faithfully.

Peter Krimbacher
IWA Chairman
for and on behalf of IFCA, IFWC, Aloha, IMCO, MJOD and the Raceboard Class
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