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News Item
Andy Funnell
Posted On:  18/06/2004

It is with the greatest sadness that we have to inform the windsurfing
community that our beloved son Andy, (K24), who many of you knew at least a
little, is missing presumed lost after falling from a jet ski off Seaford at
around 7 pm last night."

"The Coastguard and Rescue services have searched extensively and as yet
have not recovered his body, they will make further efforts with divers
tomorrow and we will advise you all of the outcome."

Trevor, Linda and Kara Funnell (Wednesday 16 June)

Our beloved son is still lost and our hearts are broken, a bright light has gone from our lives but the many words of condolence by email, phone, text, and on forums are of such great comfort, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for being Andy's friends.

- Trevor, Linda and Kara Funnell. (Friday 18 June)

Yesterday myself and a few of the guys, Whitey, Nikky Boy, Timo, Harty, Cribby, Baker, Mat, Louise, Adrian, Dave, Richie, Clyde, Tim and JC sailed at Seaford beach in his memory, his spirit is flying free now. I will sail for him there again this afternoon, join me if you can, or sail for him wherever you are as soon as you can.

- Trevor (Friday 18 June)

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