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Aruba Hi Winds
Posted On:  11/06/2004

The 18th edition of the Aruba Hi-Winds will be held from June 30 till July 6 2004 at the renowned ‘Fisherman’s Huts’. Since its early years in the mid-eighties, when windsurfing greats like Robby Naish and Bjorn Dunkerbeck raced in Aruba year after year, the Aruba Hi-Winds has remained the biggest name in windsurfing events in the Caribbean, now including freestyle windsurfing and kiteboarding.

Join us at Aruba Hi-Winds: have the best time this side of paradise. Aruba is blessed with almost ideal wind- and water conditions for windsurfing and kite boarding. The island is outside the hurricane belt with an average temperature of 82ºF and an annual rainfall of less than 20 inches.

So, whether you’re a traditional down-wind slalom racer, a fearless freestyler or if you’ve joined the newest craze in water sports: kite-boarding, the Aruba Hi-Winds 2004 is there for you!

The organizing committee aims to reach as many sailors as possible, young and young at heart, beginners and experienced. Therefore, we have put together some very attractive deals on accommodation and registration fees. Don’t think the Aruba Hi-Winds are out of your reach!

Besides being the biggest windsurfing event in the Caribbean, the Aruba Hi-Winds is renowned for having an extensive and/or exhausting entertainment and social program for its competitors and friends. Participating in the Aruba Hi-Winds means partying from start to finish! Don’t miss the fun!

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