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News Item
Escape DVD
Posted On:  13/02/2004

The brandnew Escape DVD contains action from Klitmøller in Denmark, one of the best wave and freestyle locations in Europe.

Klitmøller and the area around it is renowned for its strong winds and quality waves, providing good conditions in almost any wind directon on a number of different spots. Enjoy all the action, from massive loops and heavy smacks to freestyle and lifestyle all to the tones of a laid back chilled out soundtrack!

38 min. of nice Northsea action.

If you are planning a trip to Klitmøller, you will also enjoy the spot guide which will make you able to find the right place to sail, in any condition.

Sit back and Escape into the universe of Klitmøller.

Who: Peter Volwater, Greg Grubby Allaway, Mads bjørnå Lars Petersen, Klaas Voget, Robert Sand, Kevin Mervissen and others
Where: Klitmøller reef and bay, Middles, Vorupør, Agger, Krik and Vandet Sø
When: Autumn 2003

Best Regards

Mads Bjørnå D20
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