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News Item
Speed records tumble on Big Wednesday!
Posted On:  05/12/2003

Big Wednesday turned out to be a record setting day as the run of 46.24 knots by Finian Maynard sets a new windsurfing speed record and comes agonizingly close to the outright world record of 46.54 knots. David Garrel of France set a new French record with a time of 45.51 knots. Martin van Meurs set a new Dutch record with a time of 40.8 knots.

We began the day with 35-40 knots and a better angle of attack (115-120 degrees) than the last SE day. The timing was ready at 9am and it was full on right from the start. The wind lasted until midday when an enormous white squall brought heavy rain and thunder/lightning right over us. The wind for the rest of the day was insignificant in strength, which is a contradiction of the forecast but we will take what we get.

Pascal recorded the strongest gusts at 42 knots but during this fast 20-minute period, it was 40-42 knots all the way down the course.

The dream run.

Yellow Pages is under pressure. Windsurfers are back and it is great to see. 5-10 degrees more angle and 5-10 knots more wind and we will be there.

Everybody is very tired so the pics will come tomorrow and more information will come in the following days.

What an experience today was.

To view the above article in French go to:

Impressions from Big Wednesday
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