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Torsten Mallon is the new German Champion in speedsurfing
Posted On:  17/10/2003
Beaten two years ago in the same place of Hvide Sande, Denmark, he was able to control the competitors at will. But, just like the new women's champion, Birgit Prieser, he had to wait until the very end, because only the spare day brought the second day with timed runs and so the decision.
After four speed runs Torsten Mallons stands up to Thorsten Luig and Manfred Krueckeberg. Birgit Prieser had more trouble with her
competitors, but was also able to celebrate her victory in the end.

The German Championships, arranged in the course of the speedweek, wasn't able to enthuse the competitors with strong winds this time. Only the first and the last day saw enough wind for timed runs on the lower wind limit. In the meantime Bjoern Dunkerbeck arrived after the Sylt Worldcup to compete with the German Speedscene and to introduce the brand new speedseeker sails and the speedboards used on the world speed sailing challenge on Gran Canaria earlier this year.
In the course of the week there where only two more long-distance-slaloms, comparable to the famous "north one hour", both
again won by Torsten Mallon. These competitions didn't count for the speed results, but the 40 or so speeders from six nations had a lot of fun.

In the end Thorsten Mallon wins the Speedweek with six victories in six races, second Thorsten Luig in front of Manfred Krueckeberg. On the womens side Birgit Prieser wins, second Birgit Hoefer, third Christine Pihan.
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