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Posted On:  23/09/2003

Together with a selected group of the windsurfing worlds very finest, legends Björn Dunkerbeck & Robby Naish have formed the World Speed Sailing Challenge, a three venue event with two goals: first, to shatter the current record of 46.52 knots (86.16km/h or 53.53mph, held by Yellow Pages Endeavour) and return it thereby to the windsurfers, which held it previously with 45.35 knots.

The 2nd mission and the perhaps most coveted price of any sailor will be to break the 50 knot barrier. Some consider it impossible, the Challengers however see it definitely within their reach.

Under the jurisdiction of the International Sailing Federation and the watchful eye of a Commissioner of the World Sailing Speed Record Council, the Challengers will sail over a 500-meter distance, during which the average speed is determined. The three locations for the World Speed Sailing Challenge 2003 were not chosen by coincidence, but rather due to their historically proven track
record for the most powerful seasonal winds on the planet. They are Arinaga, Canary Islands (where the sailors gathered on July 4-31, but did not break the record), Camargue, France in October, and Glenorchy, New Zealand in November and December.

In addition to Dunkerbeck and Naish, the other two teams have as their sailors Sweden's Anders Bringdahl and France's Antoine Albeau. Naish and Dunkerbeck are citizens of the United States and the Principality of Andorra, respectively.

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