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News Item
Speedsurfing Events organized by the German Speedsurfing Association (VDS)
Posted On:  29/07/2003


I would like to inform you about the upcoming speedsurfing events organized by the German Speedsurfing Association (VDS).

From September 27 til October 4, 2003, there is the international
Speedweek Hvide Sande / Denmark. Especially all Nordish Riders are
invited to compete with us !

From October 11 til november 16, 2003, there is a standby event that
will only be startet at high wind conditions, so we are trying to beat
the old records.

Please inform your riders about these events !

Sinc. yours

Markus Schwendtner
1. Vorsitzender
Vereinigung Deutscher Speedsurfer
Tel: 030 33938780
Fax: 030 33938795

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