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News Item
Posted On:  01/07/2003

Ventspils, Latvia, June 21 – 22.

“NEILPRYDE” windsurfing regatta is most popular and well attended event in Latvia and the Baltic States, which brings together the best windsurfers from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, as well as partly, competitors from Denmark, Finland and Sweden.
The logo of “NEILPRYDE” is very well know and most seen on the worlds best windsurfers sails and equipment.
Baltic cup consists of three events – in Latvia, Finland and Estonia. The most exciting is the “Formula Windsurfing” class, which is technically most modern and popular in the world at the moment.
At the beach of Ventspils, “NEILPRYDE” regatta took place second year already, rounding up 62 windsurfers from three Baltic States in “Formula Windsurfing” and “Raceboard” classes. Latvian sportsmen were stronger this time also and took up first five places.
There was 7 – 10 m/sec north – west wind blowing both days of the contest that rolled up solid waves in Baltic Sea.
From the beginning, there were struggle of principle between last years champion of Latvia Janis Preiss(North/Fanatic) and the winner of Baltic and Latvian cup of Latvia in 2002, Ansis Dale(Neil Pryde/Starboard). Result of first day’s three races was 2:1 in favor of Preiss. But then Preiss wins one, but Dale wins two races in a row and the result before last race is equal. In decisive race Dale holds handicap that he obtained at the start, makes the finish first and becomes a winner of “NEILPRYDE” Baltic cup Latvia stage.
Struggle for the 3. – 6. place goes on with variable advance between our young windsurfers – Maris Smiltenieks, Krisjanis Tutans and experienced Maris Birzulis and Estonian Erno Kaasik. Here as well, the last race is decisive and third place goes for M. Birzulis with one point less difference.
10th place overall and award as the best senior gets last years Latvian Slalom champion Uldis Asars(Neil Pryde/Starboard).
16th place overall and award as the best junior – Klavs Ozolins(North/F2).
37th place overall and award as the best women – Ilona Dzelme(Neil Pryde/Starboard).
Winners of “NEILPRYDE” Baltic cup 2003 Latvia event as a prizes received valuable “Canon” color printers.
Next stage of Baltic cup will take place in Iteri, Finland at the end of July, third and final event – at the beginning of august in Tallinn, Estonia.

Many thanks to the Latvian event sponsors – Neil Pryde, Canon, Ventspils Olympic Center, Trest Digital and Extreme sports.

Results :

Open class(Formula Windsurfing & Slalom) :

1. Ansis Dale(Neil Pryde/Starboard) – 4,8 points*
2. Janis Preiss(North/Fanatic) – 6,1*
3. Maris Birzulis(North/Fanatic) – 19,0*
4. Krisjanis Tutans(North/Fanatic) – 20,0*
5. Maris Smiltenieks(Gaastra/Starboard) – 23,0*
6. Erno Kaasik(Neil Pryde/Starboard) (Estonia) – 28,0
* all from Latvia.

There was also “Raceboard” (so called “national class”) taking part at the event with a separate start.

Raceboard class :

1. Gunars Rozenbergs – 3,5 points
2. Maris Vigants – 9,4
3. Gundars Osis – 18,0
* all from Latvia

Maris Dale
phone: +371 7519429

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