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ISAF Evaluation Trials
Posted On:  25/06/2003
ISAF Evaluation Trials

Following the ISAF Mid-Year meeting in Oslo, ISAF have published new criteria for the Evaluation trials to be staged in September 2003 and May 2004 with a view to making recommendations for future Olympic Windsurfing equipment. One point that should be emphasised is that ISAF is encouraging all manufacturers to think “outside the box”, which could lead to a new and improved format; possibly including slalom and/or marathon racing (formats that require judges are excluded)

Rich Jeffries (USA), the ISAF Evaluation Team Chairman, has this to say on the 2003 Evaluation Event:

“This is a serious trial during which we will evaluate concepts as well as equipment. Our intention is to carefully consider any ideas “in development”. These can be presented in the form of promotional videos, diagrams, slide shows or reports. In essence therefore, you do not have to bring any equipment to this event but we are happy to evaluate any that is”.

He went on to say:

“ISAF have an open mind. This is a big opportunity for the sport to come up with some new ideas. Do not miss this chance. ISAF will select the events to be included in the 2008 Olympic Sailing Regatta this autumn at the annual Conference in Barcelona and it is important that windsurfing makes a strong showing in Cadiz. Following the Cadiz Evaluation we will submit a full report to the Events Committee who will make the recommendations to Council on the Olympic equipment for 2008. With the support of the industry, we will be able to demonstrate that windsurfing is ready to take up the challenge it now faces!”

Current ISAF policy is that any new equipment recommended should be able to conform to a measurement rule so that as many brands as possible can be involved in the Olympic process.

For more information please view the New Invitation at:

However, all manufacturers should note that ISAF have set a deadline of 1st July for any entries to register into the Cadiz Evaluation event. To register your entry, please contact:
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