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News Item
Steven finally retires from the World of Windsurfing
Posted On:  28/04/2003

Dear Friends,

As some of you must now realise, I am just not finding the time to do my
windsurfing jobs properly. After very much thought, I have had to face the

I regret to have to inform you that I am forced to resign from all my
windsurfing activities.

My committments to local and Hampshire organisations has increased
considerably, partly due to Government legislation which
has made some of my jobs much more onerous but mainly due to the lack of
younger volunteers to assist and replace older members.

This year is the 750th anniversary of our Church and I am needed to help in
a number of departments. The Conservative
Party of which I am a very active member is fighting to re-establish
itself. Having won overall control in my area,
we are helping Portsmouth Conservatives regain control of their city. I
help raise money for the local Hospice, set up the
Flower Shows, and find myself unable to say no to any good local cause of
which there are many.

On the family front, my wife and I have seven children between us and with
a continuously growing number of grand children I now find myself with
increasing responsibilities in that direction. I am now the senior member
of the family. And on top of that all, I still have a property business to

Something had to go, and after over 40 years of helping sailing
organisations, I think I have done my bit. I see that the
board evaluation process will be going on into 2004 so I feel someone who
can dedicate themselves to that period and on
should take over from an old timer like me who still prefers a mahogany and
teak boat to a plastic bath tub!

With regard to the Board Registering process, registering is quiet at the
moment but it will start to hot up at the end of the Summer before which
time you
will find a replacement to work with Julia and Jerome. I have all the
records on computer and in files which I will pass on when you have
nominated a new measurer
for the job. Of course, I shall remain available to provide any historical
and background information that you require

My thanks go to all the national and
international organisers and officials around the world that share with me
the wish to see competition windsurfing enjoyed by as many as possible. I
have enjoyed working with you all.

Wishing you all good fortune and success in your endevours.

Best regards
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