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Wind kept teasing at the MONDIAL DU VENT Leucate 2006
Posted On:  26/04/2006

+++ Leucate, April 25th 2006.

The wind kept teasing the competitors at the Windsurfing Euro-Cup MONDIAL DU VENT Leucate. After three days of waiting for the wind it finally looked very promising this morning. Overnight a nice swell had developed and the wind has shifted to the usual side offshore direction for which the Tramontana wind in Leucate is famous.

During the skippers meeting the wind picked further up. The race crew went on the water and prepared a classic downwind slalom course with the start on the outside and three marks including finish only 20 metres from the beach. All the racers went on the water to prepare themselves for the action which should kick off now.

Just when the AP flag was lowered to get the racers ready for the start the wind began to drop again. The breezy went further down to finally even die and start again from the (wrong) onshore direction. After another day of waiting the competitors were finally released when AP over A was raised.

For tomorrow the forecast is looking excellent. Finally the Tramontana wind is due to arrive. So if everything materializes as expected we will get a hardcore competition day. Also for the final day on Thursday it is looking great.
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