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Masters Of Speed: Speed Strip Remains Untouched As Record Attempt Period Ends
Posted On:  23/12/2005
After 56 days on standby, the Saintes Maries speed canal goes into hibernation practically unused during this autumn 2005 session. The world’s fastest windsurfers including PWA top riders from the likes of Björn Dunkerbeck (E-11, North Sails), Finian Maynard (IVB-11, F2/Naish), Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2) and Allison Shreeve (AUS-911, F2/Neil Pryde) have waited for nearly three months for the perfect record-shattering conditions, but unfortunately they never materialized.

Not a single day during the fall months produced the expected 35-knots plus winds in the Les Saintes Maries region, although several forecasts had looked very promising only to change at the last minute.

Co-organizer Pascal Maka: “The wind patterns this year have been unusual and this autumn period was no exception. Our experience is second to none and the team here is the world’s best so we are ready for anything nature can throw at us.”

The Camargue region has been showcased in the past 12-months as the best world record speedsailing location currently available to windsurfers in the world today. No doubt the ‘ditch’ will rise to the occasion in the near future and once again deliver the notoriously high speeds we have all grown accustomed too.

Canal manager Christophe Simian explains: “The Canal was in perfect shape. We had paid special attention to shaping the banks into an aerodynamically efficient wing and we are hoping to find out the potential next year. I believe that the sailors will have very clean feeling runs to hopefully bring them closer to 50-knots.”

While the sailors never got the chance to show off their equipment and further develop record specific components like sails and boards, the work continues on many fronts. “We will wait patiently for the right moment to launch our offensive on the last frontier in sailing. All efforts are being directed towards the ultimate goal of 50 and there will be no stone overturned in the quest for the perfect set-up,” states world record holder and PWA rider Finian Maynard (IVB-11, F2/Naish Sails).

Plans to continue in the spring of 2006 with a two-month stand-by period are already in the works, the details of which are to be released.

Log onto for future information regarding the continuing quest to break the 50-knot barrier by the world’s fastest windsurfers.
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