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News Item
Posted On:  15/01/2003
You are cordially invited to meet IWA delegates on Thursday January 23rd in Room 7b Congress Centre South at BOOT Dusseldorf, Germany at 1000hrs. As you can see from the agenda below there is quite a lot to get through.

1) Defining the IWA (Power Point Presentation)
2) The IWA White Paper on future Olympic Equipment
3) Aristeia Sport Communication Presentation
4) Question & Answer session with Rich Jeffries (USA), Chairman of the ISAF Evaluation Trials Working Party
5) ISAF Board Registration procedures
6) Industry Representation on the IWA Board
7) Any Other Business

One point of particular interest is that we will be joined by Mr Rich Jeffries (USA) who is the chairman of the ISAF Evaluation Trials Working Party set up to make recommendations on possible new Olympic equipment for 2008. He is keen to speak to each one of you on a one to one basis as well as answer specific questions in open forum.

This therefore is a chance to make contact with him, find out more about the aims and objectives of the IWA and consider appointing a new representative to the IWA board. We would be most grateful if you could pass on this invitation to anyone within the industry whom we have inadvertantly omitted from this distribution. All are welcome to attend. Please confirm that you will either attend in person or send a representative.

We look forward to seeing you on Jan 23rd at 1000hrs and later that day for drinks and dinner !

Rory Ramsden
IWA Executive Secretary
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