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News Item
Posted On:  15/01/2003
Guy Chilvers (BIC) is stepping down after two years as the industry representative on the IWA board of directors. His advice and support has been much appreciated by the classes. His contribution is recognised as a vital element in the successful launch of this new body which now counts all of the ISAF windsurfing classes as members and the PWA as an associate member. Many thanks, Guy!

The IWA therefore invites individuals who work for a windsurfing brand (board/sail) to put themselves forward for election by fellow industry delegates in attendance at the IWA meeting scheduled to take place on Thursday January 23rd in Room 7b Congress Centre South at BOOT Dusseldorf, Germany at 1000hrs. Election shall be by a simple show of hands. Those wishing to put their names forward for election should please inform the IWA in advance by e-mailing
There is a lot to do in the next two year term. These are some of the main agenda items...

a) The ISAF Windsurfing Equipment Trial Working Party will make their recommendations to the ISAF Council for a decision on or before November 2004. The IWA is working in a close a supporting role to this group and wishes to involve the industry as closely as possible in the process. Your representative will be a key communicator.

b) The IWA has published a policy paper on the longboard structure. This will be joined by a shortboard racing structure very shortly. Together they will form the IWA development policy for racing and will be promoted worldwide over the next two years. This is will enable young competitors to plan and dream about how they are going to get to the very top as well as allowing National Authoriites and clubs to invest in new equipment with confidence.
c) To work with windsurf educational centres of excellence to promote high standards in windsurf schools worldwide and develop an internationally recognisable brand for schools who meet these standards

d) To develop with the industry, the media and these educational centres, a communication strategy to promote the sport to the general public and then implement it.

Your involvement and assistance in these initiatives is vital.

We look forward to your early response.
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