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News Item
Annual General Meeting of the International Windsurfing Association
Posted On:  23/06/2005
Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the International Windsurfing Association will be held on Tuesday 9 August 2005, during the Junior, Youths and Masters Championships in Sopot.

Only FULL MEMBERS in good standing (that is have paid their class fees for 2005) shall have the right to vote. All other members shall have the right to attend, but not speak or vote.
FULL MEMBERS are National Windsurfing Associations acknowledged as representing an ISAF approved (International or Recognised) Windsurfing Class.
Where a class is not represented by a NWA, the relevant MNA (ie ISAF Member National Authority) may represent one or more member class.
EACH Full Member shall receive ONE (1) vote for each member class that it represents.

The agenda (as per the Constitution) will be published on the IWA website and in the Windsurfing Newsletter.

Agenda Items
Any items to be considered under AOB shall be submitted to the Executive Secretary (via the IWA Office) no later than Sunday 3 July 2005.
A list of such matters shall be distributed via Webnews, and posted on the IWA website by 10 July 2005.

Full Members entitled to vote shall appoint in writing a representative to represent its views and to vote.
If a Full Member represents more than one (1) Member Class, it may empower a Delegate to cast one (1) vote for each member class represented.
Please advise the Executive Secretary (via the IWA Office) on or before 1 August

Proceedings and Voting
Every resolution proposed at the AGM shall be seconded.
Decisions are to be taken by a simple majority of votes cast by Delegates, except in the case of expulsion of a member (2/3 majority or 66% )or amendment to constitution (requiring 3/4 or 75%)

Voting may be given either personally or by proxy.
We - the Executive Committee - hope every nation will attempt to send a representative to the meeting.
Proxy - or giving your vote to another delegate - shall be in writing.
For full details contact the IWA Office as soon as possible.

Any further help you need please do not hesitate to contact the Office. It is IMPORTANT that you participate in this event.

1) Deadline for submission of Agenda Items -3 July 2005.
2) Cut off date for registration of Delegates - 1 August 2005

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