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News Item
Posted On:  03/04/2005

We are pleased to inform you that the Neil Pryde RS:X board and rig products are now in production.

Go to Neil Pryde website for links mentioned in the article below.

So, from where can I buy the Neil Pryde RS:X?
A full contact list for ISAF approved NP RS:X vendors is now available on this website. Please click on the "Vendors" link above to contact your nearest RS:X vendor.

How much will it cost?
A full public price list for the NP RS:X is also available on this website under the "Pricing" link above. As a reference, a complete package including 1 board, 1 sail, 1 mast, 1 boom & 1 extension and base will be available ex-Vendor for 2995 euro for men, and 2915 euro for women. Different prices for men and women are based on the different rig sizes for the men and women's packages. These prices are excluding tax, and local pricing may vary according to the local tax rates in your country.

When can I buy it?
For the months of June-August 05, the sale of NP RS:X board and rig components will be restricted to a list of priority countries and sailing federations as determined by ISAF. ISAF would like to ensure that all those countries with an existing Olympic campaign have an equal opportunity to receive the first NP RS:X board and rig packages. An existing Olympic campaign is defined as those countries and competitors who participated in the Athens 2004 Olympics, or recent ISAF World Championships. From the latest of September 05 onwards, the NP RS:X will be made available to sailing clubs and the general windsurfing public.

And the final product details?
The final product information for the NP RS:X has also now been updated on this website. This includes the final specifications for the board, sail, product user guides and limited Warranty information.

If you have any comments or questions with regards to the attached information, please contact your local NP RS:X Vendor directly.

We look forward to seeing you all racing on the NP RS:X shortly. Get with the program!!

Best Regards,
Neil Pryde Windsurfing

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