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Archive News: Raceboard
Posted On:  27/02/2006
This year's Raceboard World Championships is now confirmed for Thailand from 18th to 26th November.......( more)
Posted On:  09/01/2006
The last AGM of the International Raceboard Class elected to include "hybrid" raceboards as a division of the class. ......( more)
Posted On:  18/10/2005
Posted On:  18/10/2005
The Hong Kong Windsurfing open will be held at Stanley main beach on Hong Kong Island from 26th to 30th October 2005. ......( more)
Posted On:  08/10/2005
Two more races today brought the 2005 Raceboard World Championships to a close in Cadiz. Results on Raceboard Class website.
Posted On:  07/10/2005
All change in Cadiz! Julian Bontemps makes a bid for the Raceboard Title.
Posted On:  06/10/2005
Another three races today, making seven in all. Excitement mounts in Cadiz.
Posted On:  06/10/2005
More news from Cadiz after four races at the Raceboard Worlds on the Raceboard website
Posted On:  05/10/2005
The more than 130 windsurfers from 24 countries gathered in Cadiz, Spain to compete in the Raceboard Worlds were faced with difficult wind conditions on the first day of racing. ......( more)
Raceboard Worlds 2005, Cadiz
Posted On:  04/10/2005
Racing is underway for the Raceboards in Cadiz with two races completed for all fleets on Day One. Follow the news on the Raceboard website.
Raceboard Class fees . . .
Posted On:  16/09/2005
Competitors entering the Raceboard Worlds in Cadiz are reminded of the requirement to be a member of their National Raceboard Class Association; that is, the association that pays the class fee to the International Raceboard Class. Membership of another class, for example IMCO or Formula, does not qualify you to compete in a Raceboard Class championship. Membership formalities may be completed at the event site.
Posted On:  11/09/2005
It seems that some sailors and coaches think that, by entering for the RS:X event, they have entered for the Raceboard Worlds and vice versa. Not the case! These are two separate, but consecutive, events.......( more)
2005 Raceboard AGM
Posted On:  07/09/2005
The agenda has now been published.
Ten days to the close of pre entries to Raceboard Worlds . . .
Posted On:  31/08/2005
Competitors are reminded to submit their entries by Sept 10th if they wish to take of advantage of the cheaper pre-entry fee.
Posted On:  23/08/2005
Preliminary notice is given of the 2005 International Raceboard Class Annual General Meeting which will take place during the forthcoming World Championships, Cadiz, Spain.
Posted On:  16/08/2005
32 year old Patrik Pollak of Slovakia was undeniably the European Champion of the event, winning eight out of a total of nine races for the Raceboard Fleet. He came second in the ninth race, happily discarding this result and allowing master Paco Wirz of Italy to take the bullet.......( more)
Posted On:  25/07/2005
Articles of great interest to Raceboard competitors . . . all very exciting!
Posted On:  07/07/2005
When the class rules were revised for competition from 2005 onwards, not only were the board rules relaxed to permit the use of the new generation of 'hybrid' raceboards such as those developed for the Olympic Equipment evaluation, but also the sail rules were changed.
Posted On:  25/06/2005
. . . continues with the scheduling of a European Championships alongside the Junior, Youth and Masters event to be held at Sopot, Poland, in early August. ......( more)
Posted On:  22/05/2005
The 2005 RACEBOARD WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held from Sunday October 2nd to Saturday October 8th 2005, in Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain.
Posted On:  07/05/2005
Posted On:  24/04/2005
Welcome to the new International Raceboard Class website - a new look to promote a revitalised class. A clean and crisp look that is reflected in the 2005 Class Rules which are 'open' and uncluttered.
2005 Raceboard Worlds - Cadiz confirmed
Posted On:  23/04/2005
The International Raceboard Class is pleased to confirm that the Federacion Andaluza de Vela will be hosting the 2005 World Championships in Cadiz from the 2nd to the 8th of October. With such a venue and an experienced team of regatta organisers, competitors can be confident of a memorable event, and a perfect start to a new era for the Raceboard Class. RSX sailors and teams will welcome the opportunity to test their new equipment in the first major championships of the new olympic campaigns. The Notice of Race will follow shortly.
Posted On:  21/12/2004
The International Raceboard Class (IRC) is undergoing a transformation - the introduction of revised Class Rules in the New Year and with it a new logo. ......( more)
Posted On:  26/11/2004
"Congratulations and thanks are due to IWA and (Raceboard) class association, for earlier this month Raceboard was reconfirmed by ISAF as a development class for Windsurfing." But did the rule changes go far enough?
RACEBOARD 7.5 Division - not 7.4!
Posted On:  24/11/2004
Apologies for any confusion and alarm caused by a typing error in the recent report : "Windsurfing in 2005 -Executive Summary ".
Minutes of the 2004 Raceboard AGM
Posted On:  02/09/2004
Raceboard class awaits outcome of ISAF November conference to finalise change in rules to ensure alignment with potential new Olympic board. The AGM delegated authority to finalize new class measurements to the Raceboard Committee. The Minutes of the 2004 Annual General Meeting held in Nessebar, Bulgaria on August 4th at 1830 hours have now been posted.
Only 18 days to go to Raceboard Masters Worlds 2004!
Posted On:  13/07/2004
Don't miss out on the wonderful sea and mountain air of beautiful Nessebar, the venue for the 2004 Raceboard Masters Worlds, combined with the Aloha, Mistral Youth and Junior Worlds. Please find all the information you need on the Raceboard website or visit the official event website:
Posted On:  09/07/2004
The Raceboard class is proposing a change in class rules to reflect a change of policy: this will be submitted to ISAF for approval this November after the AGM in Bulgaria. The Raceboard Class looks forward to a close co-operation with all brands and producers working on 'hybrid' boards.
Posted On:  05/07/2004
The Agenda has now been posted.
Resolution for the Raceboard AGM
Posted On:  25/05/2004
The following resolution has been proposed by Windsurfing Austria for consideration at the forthcoming Raceboard AGM Resolution: That the class measurement rules be modified to include, and thus stimulate, the potential developements of "Hybrid-Boards", which are anticipated to be in the 2.85 - 3.00 metre length range.
Posted On:  22/05/2004
GEORGE FRAGOS is Men's Raceboard World Champion, Bryony Shaw GBR takes the ladies title, and Paul Leone GBR is Masters Champion, leaving Paco Wirz to console himself with winning the Windsurfer Legend Race. ......( more)
Posted On:  21/05/2004
Two more races today. For full results please go to the official event website: ......( more)
Annual General Meeting of the Raceboard Class 2004
Posted On:  20/05/2004
Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Raceboard Class will take place on 4 August 2004, at 18.30 at Nassebar, Bulgaria (during the Raceboard Masters World Championship) at a venue to be announced.
Posted On:  19/05/2004
Another two races today in light winds. The two Greeks are battling it out for the top position in the mens but George Fragos has won both Race 5 and Race 6 today with Ioannis Chrysochoy having to settle for second in both. Nicolas Beaudou of France was third in Race 5, Alberti Alessandro ITA was third in Race 6.......( more)
Raceboard Worlds and Europeans
Posted On:  17/05/2004
Registration is under way at the World Festival on the Beach in Palermo, Italy. Over 50 have registered already from ten countries and 4 continents. It's sunny and breezy right now and we look forward to some excellent Championship racing later this afternoon.
Posted On:  05/04/2004
The Raceboard World Championship will be held together with the Raceboard Masters Europeans in Mondello, Sicily from May 15th-21st. The event will form part of the World Festival on the Beach, which is staged annually by the Albaria Club and is now in its 19th year! ......( more)
Posted On:  19/02/2004
Just remember those great windsurfing events way back in the old days before it all got oh so serious and prize money orientated! The parties every night; the great times; and the camaraderie… Windsurfing was certainly a lifestyle then! Well, believe it or not, it’s all still happening in Mondello every year in just the same way ......( more)
Raceboard Class AGM - New Committee elected
Posted On:  07/08/2003
Peter Krimbacher (AUT) and Piotr Hlawaty (POL) elected to the Raceboard Committee and join Paul Leone (Chairman -GBR), Didier Flamme (FRA), Tak Sum Wong (HKG), John Ellis (GBR). The minutes of the meeting will be posted in the coming days on the Raceboard Class website.
Masters Europeans, Puck, Poland - Day One
Posted On:  06/08/2003
Paco Wirz (ITA1), racing in his first Masters Europeans, showed the rest of the fleet a clean pair of heels today! Racing in near perfect conditions in Puck, he won both races today without seeming to be in any hurry! Bright sunshine and 15 knots of breeze proved a little bit more challenging for Paul Leone (GBR1111) who finished 2nd and 3rd to day. Commenting after coming ashore, he said that he was having a few problems with his new sail which was proving more powerful than he had expected! For results go to:
Posted On:  27/06/2003
Just over three weeks to go to the Raceboard Worlds to be held in Athens, Greece based on the Nautical Club of Katikon Vouliagmeni - the same waters on which the Olympic Regatta will be held. This is an ideal opportunity to test your strategic decision making ability and your fitness against some of the best in the world. ......( more)
Posted On:  01/06/2003
Voulegmeni, Greece - July 19th - 26th 2003 - View the Notice of Race on the official event website Enter on-line
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