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Archive News: MJOD
News Item
Are you a young windsurfer?
Posted On:  22/04/2003

Are you a young windsurfer?

Do you like racing…?

Or have you just started to race?

Want to have some fun? …. With new friends from all over the world?

Yes…! Good…

Because the Aloha Class with IMCO and the MJOD have organised two great regattas just for you!

Here are a couple of really good ways of enjoying yourself both on and off the water…

(See upcoming events for the NoRs and more.... )

The first is the Junior, Youth and Masters World Championship, which will take place in Merida, Mexico from November 29th to December 5th. Merida is on the Yucatan Peninsula, which sticks northwards into the Caribbean sea. During the recent Mistral North American Championship, a warm 12 > 16-knot breeze blew every day from the North East. Perfect racing conditions!

The event will be based on the Reef Yucatan Hotel, which is right on the beach with its own swimming pool and plenty of grassy rigging areas. Food & accommodation will be FREE for the first 200 competitors to register so book early!

Get together with some friends and take a 14-day holiday. Spend the first seven days soaking up the sun, training and enjoying the Mexican life style; relax, enjoy the local food; take the time to check out some ancient sites of the Mayan civilisation; and then spend the next week racing in near perfect conditions on azure blue water with just a harness and board shorts… To good to be true… ! Merida is probably one of the best-kept secrets in the Caribbean as far as flat-water windsurfing is concerned. Come and check it out…

Oh and remember… you are likely to meet a few legends while you are there … People like … Bruce Kendall who has a clutch of Olympic medals to his name… Paco Wirz who raced in the Los Angeles Olympics way back in 1984… Raul de Lille who was on the Mexican team leading up to Barcelona in 1992 (now a resident of Cozumel, which is probably the best drift diving site in the world)… and many others …

So here is a recommendation… Don’t back off on the training programme because you are going to need to be fit… not only for the racing but also so you can make a quick recovery from the parties!

For all those who cannot make it to Mexico or indeed wish to put in some serious training in one of the windiest spots in Poland, we have organised the Junior, Youth and Masters European Championship, which will take place in Puck from August 2nd >9th. You can bring the whole family because the Raceboard Masters Europeans, Mistral Youth Europeans, Mistral Junior Europeans and Aloha Under 15 Europeans will take place at the same time.

There are plenty of camping grounds close by; a good sandy beach for your equipment; a small harbour for the race committee boats and if you come a week early for a holiday you can bicycle to Hell and back! No really, there is a small village within cycling distance called Hel ! The water will be warm so this is an ideal venue for the whole family to take a summer holiday as well as take part in some serious racing.

Bring your own equipment, please but don’t hesitate to contact us if you require help or assistance.

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