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Archive News: IMCO
Posted On:  03/06/2006
NOTICE is hereby given of the forthcoming 2006 Annual General Meeting of the INTERNATIONAL MISTRAL CLASS ORGANISATION (IMCO).The meeting will be held during the Junior, Youth and Masters Championships in Marsala, Sicily, over the week 31st July - 5th August
Posted On:  23/05/2006
The Sicily Grand Prix closed today after two races for the Mistral boards and three for the RS:X boards, the Sicily Grand Prix is the race that closes the World Festival on the Beach program. The ......( more)
Posted On:  23/05/2006
During the 2006 Mondello Special General Meeting, very important decisions were taken which will definitely give a new orientation to the International Mistral Class Organisation. ......( more)
Posted On:  20/05/2006
The last race of the Mistral Class European Championships took place today with 3 metres of wind coming from an eastern direction and confirmed what was outlined from the first day......( more)
Posted On:  13/05/2006
From Monday the 15th of May the sea water in front of Mondello will once again fill itself up with the different coloured sails of windsurfing champions who will be taking part in the 2006 edition of the European Mistral Class Championships.......( more)
World Festival - Prodigy Boards
Posted On:  09/05/2006
The organisers of World Festival on the Beach, Mondello,Sicily have available 20 Mistral Prodigy boards with 8.5 rigs. This is your chance to participate in one of the windsurfing worlds oldest established festivals without the need to travel with equipment! Boards and More are supporting IMCO in the development of a new one design "hybrid " class - recreational racing at its best. Contact - albaria for request to charter For more info about the Festival go to the official website
Posted On:  19/04/2006
AGENDA and supporting papers have now been published for the Special General Assembly Meeting for the Mistral One Design Class and Mistral Junior One Design Class; to be held at: Albaria Club, Mondello, Sicily; on: Thursday 18th May 2006 at 19.00hrs. Please note the change of date for the meeting.
Posted On:  12/03/2006
Notice of a Special General Assembly Meeting for the Mistral One Design Class and the Mistral Junior One Design Class to be held on Friday 19th May 2006 from 19.00hrs. ......( more)
Posted On:  11/03/2006
We are glad to inform you about the 21 Edition of World Festival On The Beach 2006, scheduled from 15th May until 21st May 2006 in Mondello - Palermo, that include: 2006 MISTRAL EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS XX Edition 15-19 May and 2006 MISTRAL JUNIOR, YOUTH & MASTER EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 15-19 May
Posted On:  15/02/2006
The Notice of Race for this year's European Championship is now published.......( more)
Posted On:  02/01/2006
After careful consideration Vincenzo Pottino has decided to resign as President of IMCO and MJOD. He hands over the reins to Jean Francois Reggio, Vice-President and long standing President of IMCO France. ......( more)
Posted On:  24/09/2005
Following on from last year's successful event the Notice of Race for the 2006 'Bay of Cadiz - New Year' Training Race has been published. For 2006 the race has been opened up to the Raceboard Class, in addition to IMCO and MJOD sailors. A wonderful opportunity to get some early season training - many sailors and teams combine the event with training both before and after the race. To find out more contact Deborah Powell
Posted On:  25/08/2005
Only one point seperated gold and silver in the Mistral Youth Men's fleet! Both Lukasz Grodzicki from Poland and Shahar Zubari from Israel won three each of nine races overall but Lukasz managed to overcome his close rival to take the Championship title with a total of 25 points.
Posted On:  24/07/2005
Click here to see the presentation of the new version of the Mistral One Design produced in Cobra with the new graphic.
Posted On:  24/07/2005
The 2005 Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship came to an end with the closing ceremony in Busan, Korea
Posted On:  11/06/2005
29th October till 1st November In Bandol Mediterranean Coast. Beside MOD and MJOD we have decided to invite ONE DESIGN series such as ALOHA under 15, Mistral Prodigy and RS-X for probably a first "Open" regatta.......( more)
Posted On:  08/06/2005
Posted On:  30/05/2005
Posted On:  22/05/2005
Sail Melbourne 2006 invites you and your fellow Mistral/RS:X sailors to compete in the "Asia Pacific Regatta". ......( more)
Posted On:  22/05/2005
The XXVII Mistral Class World Championships finished today (20 May) in Mondello making Nicolas Huguet and Blanca Manchon the new champions of 2005. ......( more)
Posted On:  16/05/2005
The wind commands Mondello, no race for the male category while the female category complete only one round. ......( more)
Posted On:  15/05/2005
There were three trials carried out today and Nicolas Huguet is in the lead of the male category with a third, second, and first place.......( more)
Posted On:  14/05/2005
The registration procedure closed this morning and it was clearly outlined how many athletes will compete in the Mistral Class World Championships, a constant focus point for quality worldwide windsurfing.......( more)
Posted On:  12/05/2005
Nikos Kaklamanakis, Torch Bearer at the Olympic Games in Athens, comes to Mondello not to race but as a coach.......( more)
Posted On:  07/05/2005
The World Championship comes back in Sicily after thirteen years.......( more)
Posted On:  07/05/2005
For latest news on changes in the ranking list for Mistral Men and Women after Hyeres go to IMCO web site.
Posted On:  31/03/2005
Issue Date - 30 Mar 2005 - This, the third ranking release for 2005, includes the results from one ISAF Grade C1 event, three ISAF Grade 2 and two ISAF Grade 3 events. Unfortunately, the racing at the Izola Spring Cup did not take place over the weekend as Slovenia, like much of Europe, suffered from a complete lack of wind.
Posted On:  31/03/2005
Official Notice is hereby given that the 2005 IMCO AGM will take place during the World Championship in Mondello, Sicily
Posted On:  08/03/2005
The Organizing Committee of the 23rd UNIVERSIADE, 2005, IZMIR invite all members and non-members of FISU (International University Sports Federation) to take part in and send their sailing teams to the 23rd UNIVERSIADE, 2005, IZMIR, SAILING to be held in Karsiyaka, Izmir, August 11-21,2005. E-mail for Notice of Race and more information.
Posted On:  04/03/2005
The second release of the ISAF World Sailing Ranking for 2005 have been published today
Posted On:  20/02/2005
Please note that the NoR for the International Sailing Series, Celebration of EXPO 2005, has been amended
Posted On:  06/02/2005
Read the editorial message from the Spring 2004 issue of Freesail, Australia's Windsurfing Magazine......( more)
ISAF World Sailing Rankings - Mistral Men & Women
Posted On:  02/02/2005
The first ranking release of 2005, the Mistral will continue to feature in the ISAF World Sailing Rankings until the new Olympic equipment the Neil Pryde RS:X replaces it in the coming months. Go to IMCO website for news of the Mistral Men and Mistral Women.
2005 Formula and IMCO Asian Championships
Posted On:  02/02/2005
April 3rd, 2005 - April 9th 2005 - Gamagori, Aichi, Japan - The Notice of Race for the Asian Championships is now published. The event has been co ordinated as part of EXPO 2005. Info on FW Class and IMCO websites.
Posted On:  28/01/2005
The V Carnival Race for the 49er and Finn Classes, Spanish Championship for Mistral M & W Classes will be held in the Bay of Cadiz Puerto Sherry (Puerto Santa Maria) from 25th to 28th February 2005
2005 Mistral World Championship - Palermo, Italy - 11-19 May 2005
Posted On:  28/01/2005
Notice of Race has now been posted, together with entry forms. On-line registration is now open. Please go to ""Upcoming Events" on the IMCO website for links.
Posted On:  23/01/2005
New Zealand windsurfing legend, Barbara KENDALL has been appointed to the Athletes' Commission of the International Olympic Committee. ......( more)
Gdynia Sailing Days, Poland 2005
Posted On:  22/12/2004
World Cup Series Event, Gdynia Sailing Days, Poland 2005 will take place August 1-6. For any extra information please visit:
Posted On:  16/12/2004
Notice of Race has been published for the I "Bay of Cadiz - New Year" Training Race to be held at Puerto Santa Maria, Cadiz, Spain from January 2nd to 4th 2005. Mistral Junior - Mistral Youth - Mistral Senior
SPA Regatta
Posted On:  07/12/2004
SPA Regatta organisors have decided to both allow the new and old Olympic board at the 2005 SPA Regatta to ensure all have the opportunity to compete. In 2006 we will allow only the Olympic board. IWA comment: 'we hope the other Eurolymp will follow this logical descision'
Posted On:  03/12/2004
Yes - there is a World Championships for IMCO in 2005; Yes - the event will be held in Sicily as agreed at the 2004 class AGM.......( more)
Posted On:  13/11/2004
In a packed room at the Marriott hotel here in Copenhagen, the ISAF Council has voted on the equipment to be used in the 2008 Olympic Sailing Regatta in Qingdao.
Posted On:  04/11/2004
......( more)
Posted On:  19/10/2004
Sail Auckland invites top international sailors to compete in New Zealand’s premier Olympic Class regatta.......( more)
Posted On:  16/10/2004
Boardseeker reports on the second Trials to find a new Olympic windsurfing class for the 2008 Games in Beijing. Reporters: Louise Emery at Hayling Island, Gavin Rodgers at Queen Mary Reservoir
Posted On:  12/10/2004
The IMCO/MJOD International Training Camp (junior, youth and seniors), organised by the class together with the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation, Andalusian Sailing Federation, CN Elcano and CN El Trocadero, will be held in Cadiz from the 27th December 2004 to 7th January 2005. ......( more)
Posted On:  25/08/2004
......( more)
Posted On:  25/08/2004
After a glorious victory for Israel in the men’s event, the women’s fleet got underway at 14.22, and was set to be every bit as tense as the preceding men’s final race 11.......( more)
Posted On:  25/08/2004
Men Windsurfer - Mistral: Gal FRIDMAN wins Israel's first ever Gold Medal - Results. Second Nikolaos KAKLAMANAKIS (GBR), third Nick DEMPSEY (GBR)
Posted On:  25/08/2004
The first start of the penultimate two races of the Mistral class started after only a 40 minute delay from the scheduled start time while the Meltemi built to a satisfactory windspeed and stable direction. Eventually racing got underway and it was Great Britain's Nick DEMPSEY who took the initial charge.......( more)
Posted On:  25/08/2004
Back on form, Barbara took a bullet in today’s races 9 and 10, but a case of too little too late in this Olympic game.......( more)
Posted On:  22/08/2004
With racing now held for the past four days on the trot, today sees the fifth consecutive day of competition. A waiting game as the race committee waits for the wind to fill in has seen the fleet struggling to keep to schedule.......( more)
Posted On:  22/08/2004
A day off for the Mistral women fleet. With 8 races completed and the series back on schedule, Sunday sees the reserve day actually being used for rest rather than competition. ......( more)
Posted On:  20/08/2004
Windsurfing Women - Mistral - Racing Catches Up - Following the 49ers on course area B, the Mistral Women went out to catch up with their schedule on what was initially a reserve day. They came out in the remains of the sea breeze that saw great racing for the 49ers.......( more)
Posted On:  20/08/2004
Windsurfer Men – Mistral - Races 5 and 6 Completed - Despite posting his only double digit result of the series in today’s race 6, Ricardo SANTOS (BRA) continues to lead the men’s fleet. ......( more)
Posted On:  20/08/2004
Windsurfing Men - Mistral - One Race Completed - With four abandoned starts, the Men’s Mistral fleet eventually got one race completed today on a day that saw the lead change in the fleet with the arrival of a new race winner in the form of Ricardo SANTOS (BRA). ......( more)
Posted On:  18/08/2004
Hong Kong and Italy On Equal Points! The 1996 and 2000 gold medallists, Lee Lai SHAN (HKG) and Alessandra SENSINI (ITA) sit on equal points, with Lee Lai, or San San as she is better known, ahead on countback.......( more)
Posted On:  18/08/2004
Kakalamanakis Wins Again! The controversial Race one in the Men’s Mistral fleet, which was abandoned after a protest was resailed today on course area B following the culmination of the day’s racing in the 49er fleet.......( more)
Posted On:  17/08/2004
The Men's Mistral was abandoned as none of the boats finished the course in correct fashion. In the Women’s Mistral, Alessandra SENSINI (ITA) is leading the overall rankings with eight points.......( more)
Posted On:  15/08/2004
Nikolaos KAKLAMANAKIS (GRE), the torchbearer who lit the cauldron at the Olympic stadium, was obviously still on a high as he took first place in the opening race for the Men's Mistral Fleet today! However, it was Przemyslaw MIARCZYNSKI (POL) who was first over the finish line in the second race. Barbara KENDALL, New Zealand's most successful female Olympian, with her gold, silver and bronze medals from the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Games, won the first ladies race, but it was Italian Alessandra SENSINI who won the second race. ......( more)
Posted On:  20/07/2004
Join the "Olympic debate" and share your views
Posted On:  20/06/2004
On the 5th and 6th of July there is a race around Paros for the Mistral One Design Olympic Teams. This includes training partners.......( more)
Posted On:  13/06/2004
The Europeans in Sopot have come to the end. Today Pont wanted to pay back everything that he lost yesterday in his one bad race. The irregular wind caused this result but the old proverb says: “the winner is always better than the others”. ......( more)
Posted On:  11/06/2004
The Championships in Sopot became very spectacular. Przemek Miarczynski and Julien Bontemps are going head to head in overall. ......( more)
Posted On:  10/06/2004
"I am really happy. It was fantastic sailing," commented 2003 Mistral World Champion Pont aka Przemek MIARCZYNSKI (POL-126) on returning to the beach yesterday......( more)
Posted On:  08/06/2004
The second day for Mistral sailors in Sopot was unexpectable because of very shifty and gusty - 8-13 knots - offshore wind. But the best sailors were the best again. ......( more)
Posted On:  07/06/2004
The European Championships started for the athletes when the wind picked up after 3 p.m. today. Every day's competition will be the real challenge for everyone who wants to check their sailing skills before Athens. ......( more)
Posted On:  06/06/2004
On a beautiful sunny day with 10-12 knots onshore breeze, sailors and coaches left the beach in order to prepare for the practice race at 2:00PM. ......( more)
Posted On:  04/06/2004
115 men and 61 women competitiors from over 36 nations are here to compete for the titles. Currently measurement is underway and tomorrow the practice race at 2:00PM should give the competitors good preparation for the racing which starts on Sunday.......( more)
Posted On:  07/05/2004
In the Mistral Women there are again some bold appearances in the top flight from some of the younger sailors in the world. ......( more)
Posted On:  07/05/2004
Maxim OBEREMKO (UKR) still occupies the top spot that sees him remain as one of the favourites for success at the Olympic Games in Athens. ......( more)
Posted On:  24/04/2004
With an outstanding performance from Julien Bontemps (FRA-6) he not only proved thats he is the unbeatable World Champion 2004 but also ready to rock for a medal at Athens as he won the French trials with this Gold Medal. ......( more)
Posted On:  24/04/2004
Will there ever be an end to Alesssandra's outstanding performance in the Mistral women circuit? What more can you ask for – only 14 points out of 9 races and 36 points ahead of the Vice World Champ Barbara Kendall (NZL-62) and 50 points ahead of Bronze Medalist Faustine Merret (FRA-9)!......( more)
Posted On:  15/04/2004
Half way of the Championship have been passed with exciting competition both for men and women. On the third day of racing the wind speed reached to 35 knots while both men fleet were on the water. ......( more)
Mistral World Championships
Posted On:  14/04/2004
No reports are coming to us from Turkey but we can see from the results after 6 races for the men that Nicolas Beudou FRA leads the yellow fleet, Nicolas Huguet FRA leads the blue fleet. Only 4 races for the ladies with Alessandra Sensini ITA heading the fleet.
Posted On:  12/04/2004
Results from the Mistral World Championships, Turkey are available to view on the Official Event Website: After two races, Alessandra Sensini (ITA) is leading the women's fleet, Julien Bontemps FRA 6 is heading the men's yellow fleet and Nicolas Huguet FRA is top of the men's blue fleet.
Posted On:  11/04/2004
Nicolas HUGUET (FRA-8) and Lise VIDAL (FRA-24) were the first to round the top mark in the men's and women's division in the practice race of the Mistral One-design World Championships in Cesme. ......( more)
Posted On:  08/04/2004
Gusty and shifty winds on wavey waters promise tough racing for everybody and strong wind specialists and current World Champions Przemyslaw Miarczynski (POL-126) and Lee KORSITZ (ISR-1111) are looking forward to defeat their title as conditions are supposed to be rough. ......( more)
Posted On:  05/04/2004
The Mistral Class Annual General meeting will be held in Sopot, Poland on June 9th at 1830hrs (during the Mistral Europeans) ......( more)
Posted On:  21/03/2004
DEFINITIVE Finishing List After 10 races with 1 discard - MenSamuel Launay FRA wins, Alessandra Sensini ITA takes the women. Full results, reports and pictures on the event website
Posted On:  13/03/2004
As a response to the declining global windsurfboard market, the Boards & More group has decided to close its own windsurfboard production site in Molln. This will have an impact on around 35 employees.......( more)
Posted On:  25/02/2004
The Final day of the ISAF Grade 2 Athens Eurolymp Regatta, on the waters that will host the Olympic Regatta in August, was sailed in a brisk 35-knot breeze that tested the World class sailors. ......( more)
Posted On:  19/02/2004
ISAF will perform very intense measurement at the 2004 Athens Olympics. ISAF will make rulings and interpretations of class rules. ......( more)
Photos from New Zealand
Posted On:  11/02/2004
If you are interested in photos from the New Zealand Mistral Olympic trials and the Sail Auckland event please check out what I've shot at
Posted On:  11/02/2004
ISAF, the Olympic Classes and the Organizers of the multi-Olympic Class Grade 1 Olympic Class Events met in Bern, Switzerland on Sunday to discuss the introduction of an Olympic Classes "World Series" tour.......( more)
Posted On:  08/02/2004
Maxim OBEREMKO (UKR) has returned to the top of the rankings after a three month sabbatical in second place.......( more)
Posted On:  04/02/2004
The ISAF Olympic Windsurfing Equipment Evaluation Event, to be held on Lake Garda, Italy from 3-6 May 2004 has attracted six manufacturers with eight designs of equipment. In addition, there are currently two manufacturers, whose applications are being processed. ......( more)
Posted On:  23/01/2004
- effective January 23rd 2004
Posted On:  19/01/2004
Faustine MERRET (FRA) was announced the winner of the Womens Mistral class at the Sail Melbourne Regatta on Port Phillip Bay. Julien BONTEMPS (FRA) took the Mistral Men’s title. ......( more)
Posted On:  19/01/2004
The IMCO Annual General Meeting will be held in Sopot, Poland on Wednesday June 9th at 1830hrs during the Mistral European Championship. ......( more)
Posted On:  19/01/2004
Cezme, Izmir, Turkey 8-18 April 2004
Posted On:  13/01/2004
Allison Shreeve (AUS) and Jessica Crisp (AUS) are both determined to get the Olympic spot for Athens – but only one can go - the fight for the Olympic spot is well and truly on. Meanwhile, Julian Bontemps (FRA) continues to lead the Mistral Mens, with two wins today from two races.......( more)
Posted On:  12/01/2004
Member National Authorities who wish to submit the names of sailors for the Evaluation must do so by 1 February 2004 at the very latest. ......( more)
Posted On:  18/12/2003
Following on from the successful ISAF Windsurfing Presentation Event held at Cadiz, ISAF will conduct the second stage of the Windsurfing Trials due to be held at Torbole, Italy from 3-8 May 2004.......( more)
Posted On:  18/12/2003
2004 MISTRAL EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP - 2004 Mistral Youth European Championship - 2004 Mistral Junior European Championship Sopot, Poland June 2nd - 12th 2004. NoR now available on the IMCO website.
Posted On:  09/12/2003
The final rankings for 2003 were released by ISAF on Thursday 3 December. Available to view on the ISAF website.
Posted On:  07/12/2003
Saturday saturated with satisfactions. This is the end of this event. For full results please go to: more)
Posted On:  06/12/2003
6 races have past. And 3 more today. Some now can smell the gold. ......( more)
Posted On:  05/12/2003
The full results to date for all fleets are now available on the IMCO site.
Posted On:  05/12/2003
The spirit is in-crescendo and the sailing fiesta continues.......( more)
Posted On:  04/12/2003
The sun has returned to the tropic and the temperature is in the high twenties (Celsius) at 11:30 am. The soft breeze comes from the north-northeast with a speed of 4 knots. We have a total of 4 races.......( more)
Posted On:  03/12/2003
On two race areas of approximately 12 kilometers, two regattas were raced, marking the beginning of the competitions of the Youth & Children World Championship of Windsurf Mistral 2003. ......( more)
Worlds, Mexico
Posted On:  03/12/2003
Sorry, still no news received as yet! We will, of course, bring you up-dates as soon as we get them.
Posted On:  26/11/2003
Windsurfing men and windsurfing women have been selected by ISAF as two events for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China The ISAF council voted overwhelmingly to retain two windsurfing medals in the 2008 Olympics. Now the industry can concentrate on putting forward the best possible selection of equipment to be tested on Lake Garda in May 2004.......( more)
Posted On:  26/11/2003
Peter Wells gives an excellent 'blow-by-blow' account of the US Olympic trials, which Peter won to earn his spot on the United States Olympic Team for the Athens Olympiad. This is how the report concludes.........( more)
Posted On:  28/10/2003
Nikos Kaklamanakis (GRE) has been chosen by Eurosport International to feature in "Mission to Athens".......( more)
Posted On:  22/09/2003
History has been made. Lee KORSITZ (ISR) has won the 2003 World Mistral Championship......( more)
Posted On:  22/09/2003
Pont took the Gold Medal with a race to spare so the fight was on for Silver and Bronze. ......( more)
Posted On:  20/09/2003
Przemek Miarczynski crowned Mistral World Champion 2003! With one race to spare Polish Przemek Miarczynski (POL125) has won the men's Mistral World Championship in Cadiz with an amazing record of 8 first places out of 10! ......( more)
Posted On:  20/09/2003
Pont and Allison give a press conference, 1630 yesterday. Both were very quick to thank their friends and family, and let everybody know that through hard work and diligence they will be on top at the end of the event.......( more)
Posted On:  20/09/2003
Back on the racing course Levante winds were blowing once again with 20/25 knots. The men's gold and women's fleet were sent offshore on time to get the races starting. ......( more)
Posted On:  19/09/2003
A restful day after such a windy first half of a regatta - everybody was relaxing.......( more)
Posted On:  17/09/2003
Pont (POL) once again dominated taking two firsts. Lee Korsitz (ISR) again dominated the first race finishing 1st but surprises were in hand for race two.......( more)
Posted On:  17/09/2003
10 am report - The weather report is calling for more Levante winds today, although a change in pressure is expected later in the day to a lighter more constant wind, which may lead the medium breeze specialists to crawl back to the top. ......( more)
Posted On:  17/09/2003
So from my earlier report, the weather did exactly what was supposed to happen. It got stronger.......( more)
Posted On:  16/09/2003
The conditions have abated since last night, (more) and a slightly more user friendly set of conditions has appeared. A steady 12 to 15 knots is forcast with sunny conditions as per normal. ......( more)
Posted On:  15/09/2003
It really didn't stop blowing today. The wind from the south west was a steady 22 knots, but from the land bullets, hammered down at the competitors reaching speeds of around 30 knots. ......( more)
Posted On:  15/09/2003
MONDAY - The 2003 worlds are about to get under way and the Levante winds are back upon us.......( more)
Posted On:  13/09/2003
With 122 men and 71 women to scrutineer, the measurement team will be busy over the next three days. The Full event schedule, full results and photographs, as well as a host of other information is available on the event website or the IMCO website
ISAF Rankings
Posted On:  13/09/2003
In the Mistral Men, Maxim OBEREMKO from the Ukraine continues to lead the field ahead of Jon-Paul TOBIN (NZL). And in the women, some sailors can find that all of a sudden their best results, which have often resulted in meteoric rises in ranking position, drop out of inclusion. See the IMCO website for more.
Posted On:  29/08/2003
Nikos Kaklamanakis was the victor ludorum at the Regatta Athens 2003, just as at last year’s event, proving that he remains as always one of the top competitors in the Mistral class. ......( more)
Posted On:  06/08/2003
Zofia Klepacka (POL8), 4 time ISAF Youth World Champion, continued to dominate the girls fleet scoring two bullets in bright sunshine and 15 knots of breeze... Near perfect conditions!......( more)
Posted On:  30/06/2003
Day 5 - Lee Lai Shan ( HKG- 1 ) and Joao Rodriguez ( POR - 75 ) take the title at Kiel Week 2003. ......( more)
Posted On:  29/06/2003
Racing in a moderate breeze of 8-10 knots. Tall old school ships with curious spectators who did not want to miss out at the top mark action.......( more)
Posted On:  27/06/2003
Day 3 - Flat sea made sailing all morning impossible. Finally summer has hit Kiel caused by the high pressure over Scandinavia. Easterly winds were not strong enough to dominate the sea breeze.......( more)
Kiel Week 2003
Posted On:  27/06/2003
Friday - due to the lack of wind AP is up and we are looking forward to get more breeze in the arvo. more information will be announced at noon
Posted On:  27/06/2003
Day 2 - The second day of racing began with sunny warm weather and a light breeze which was really unstable and patchy on the bay. ......( more)
Posted On:  27/06/2003
Hello everybody – Belly and I are back on track with the latest and hottest up dates from the Mistral racing, here at Kiel North Germany. ......( more)
Posted On:  15/05/2003
Julien Bontemps and Alessandra Sensini crowned European Champion at the 2003 Mistral European Championships at Mondello, Sicily.......( more)
IMCO Europeans - Day Six
Posted On:  14/05/2003
Day 6 Frustration for everybody. AP was hoisted at 9:30 AM, remained in place until 16:30, when an evening breeze kicked in sufficient to allow racing. Eventually the race committee ran out of time as no start could be completed until 6:00 PM. Sailors were sent back onshore frustrated and mentally exhausted from waiting all day in the heat. Ciao Aline
Posted On:  13/05/2003
What an awesome day of racing at Capo Gallo! A grueling three races for all divisions made it an exhausting day for all competitors.......( more)
Posted On:  13/05/2003
This was a very cool day! The beach was packed due to the sensational weather, 28 degrees, sunny and I hate to tell you but nice north westerly breeze of about 15 knots. ......( more)
Posted On:  11/05/2003
Back on the water at 2:30 PM the men fleets got ready to race on the inside of Mondello Bay with 12- 15 knots easterly wind direction. ......( more)
Posted On:  11/05/2003
Sailors awoke today to fresh breeze and high hopes for a break to the light wind pattern that had plagued the event so far. The Men’s course was located just east of Capo Gallo and competitors arrived to find a beautiful 12 to 15 knot northwest wind. As the start time approached things began to take a turn for the worse. ......( more)
Posted On:  11/05/2003
The unstable weather conditions surely tested the race committees´ and sailors´ patience and nerves as it was almost impossible to forecast the weather for the next few hours. ......( more)
Posted On:  11/05/2003
The second day of the Mistral European Championship started with overcast misty weather and dead flat sea. Around 10:00 AM the breeze set in with about 4-6 knots increasing.......( more)
Posted On:  09/05/2003
On the first day of the European Championships 2 races completed by the women and one race each for both divisions of the men.......( more)
Posted On:  05/05/2003
More and more competitors are arriving at the beautiful bay of Mondello to find perfect conditions today with warm temperatures around 22 degrees, light breeze around 8-10 knots and mostly sunny sky. 30 nations are expected to take part in this year's event. ......( more)
Posted On:  05/04/2003
......( more)
Posted On:  26/03/2003
In order for an application to be considered for funding on the Athlete Participation Programme it needs to be submitted to the ISAF Secretariat before 1700 hours (GMT) on Wednesday 26 March 2003. All Member National Authorities of those countries who are eligible to participate in the Athlete Participation Programme have been sent an application form and may apply for full or partial support to cover their athlete's travel and/or entry fee. ......( more)
Posted On:  01/03/2003
A postponement of 2 hours to allow the breeze to fill in from the South East and race 5 was underway with the usual suspects dominating the first upwind.......( more)
Posted On:  28/02/2003
With the tide pushing to the South east against the wind which was gusting 17 knots, race 4 started in a short steep chop.......( more)
Posted On:  27/02/2003
Day Two - A hot and humid morning was finally releaved by a downpour of truly awesome proportions! Race 3 finally got underway in a good 10 knots of easterly breeze. ......( more)
Posted On:  26/02/2003
Day 1 of the South American championship dawned warm and sunny with a 5 knot breeze blowing in from the East. ......( more)
Posted On:  21/01/2003
2003 MISTRAL EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP - Mondello, Sicily, Italy – May 5th - 14th 2003
Posted On:  21/01/2003
So many people wish to train that it has been necessary to set up a system to cope.......( more)
Posted On:  31/12/2002
Palermo Mondello, Sicily, ITALY, May 5-14 2003. Go to the official event web site for Pre-notice of race and event information.
Posted On:  16/12/2002
Final Results after 11 (Gold) and 12 (Silver) races for the Men plus Women and MICC, news and photos all available now on the event website
Posted On:  12/12/2002
Good breeze filled in from the north after a short postponement. For results after 6 races each for the Men and Ladies please go to: more)
Posted On:  11/12/2002
Two races completed today in light conditions in all fleets, mind you we had to wait for a while for the breeze to fill in and stabilise. ......( more)
2002 Mistral World Championships, Thailand
Posted On:  11/12/2002
For results after 4 races each for the Men and Ladies please go to:
Posted On:  10/12/2002
Barbara Kendall comes back with a bang! Two years off since Sydney certainly has not dulled her competitive instincts. This all time legendary performer from New Zealand popped in a 1st and a 3rd to top the leader board after the first day’s racing of the Mistral World Championship now being staged in Pattaya, Thailand. ......( more)
Posted On:  10/12/2002
Competition still has not started. No wind...glassy seas! It is, however, expected that the weather will be getting better and with wind forecast for the next 2 days. ......( more)
Posted On:  29/11/2002
Starting on 4 December, the final Olympic Qualification Regatta of 2002, the Mistral World Championship gets underway in Pattaya, Thailand, hosted jointly by the Windsurfing Association of Thailand and the Eastern Windsurfing Club. Held from the exclusive Pattaya Park Beach Resort at Jomtein Beach, on the eastern coast of the sheltered Bight of Bangkok, competitors are expected to enjoy warm air and sea conditions with an average wind speed of between 10 and 20 knots. ......( more)
Posted On:  03/10/2002
Notice is hereby officially given that the 2002 Annual General Meeting of the Mistral One Design Class will take place at the Pattaya Park Beach Resort Hotel, Jomtien Beach, Pattaya on Wednesday, December 11th @ 1830hrs
Final day of the Mistral Europeans in Austria
Posted On:  14/09/2002
The fleet has just arrived from its last race. Here are the new European Champions in the olympic Categories. Men: 12 Races 2 Discards 1. FRA 7 Alexandre GUYADER, 2. ISR 18 Gal FRIDMAN, 3. FRA 178 Nicolas BEUDOU Women: 12 Races 2 Discards 1. ITA 25 Alessandra SENSINI, 2. GBR 1 Natasha STURGES, 3. FRA 24 Lise VIDAL
Posted On:  13/09/2002
In the first race of today, held in a strong morningly breeze, Przemek MYARZYNSKI showed once more his extra class in rough conditions. He won his 6th race in a straight row. But then the wind died and so did MYARZYNSKI. In a difficult and tactical second race, he only managed to finish as 15th. But this shoots him right in the Top Five. Overall leader is stil Alexandre GUYADER from France, closely followed by Gal FRIDMAN from Israel who won the second race of the day. ......( more)
Mistral Europeans - Myarzynski wins five races in a row
Posted On:  13/09/2002
After all three races yesterday, POL 126 Myarzinski won also both of today's races. It seems that the strong wind and the short waves of Lake Neusiedl fit him best! But still he suffers from his poor performance in the light air. Results after 9 Races with 1 Discard: 1. FRA 7 Alexandre GUYADER 53Pkt, 2. ISR Gal FRIDMAN 61Pkt, 3. GBR 21 Nick DEMPSEY 65Pkt. Women: 1. ITA 25 Alessandra SENSINI 36Pkt. 2. FRA 24 Lise VIDAL 48Pkt. 3. GBR 1 Natasha STURGES 61Pkt.
Posted On:  11/09/2002
Today showed no mercy with the Mistral Fleet and big gusts came from the West. The Polish Surfer Przimek Myarzynski showed a perfect performance and led the fleet 3 times around the course. 3 out of three that counts. Also all time favourite Kaklamanakis seems to get in the game again. He is after today already third overall.
Mistral Europeans, Austria
Posted On:  11/09/2002
Today two races were sailed at the Mistral Europeans in Austria. Today showed moderate breeze from land and quite fine weather so the whole fleet went out to sail at least two races. At the beginning of the second race black clouds formed and the weather everybody expected came. Some fine gusts were seen and a beautiful second race could be finished. Tomorrow's layday is cancelled as everybody wants to get back to the scheduled timetable! For results go to the event website:
Posted On:  10/09/2002
Today 2 Races in each categorie was managed to be sailed in a light to moderate breeze. This breeze was evidently stronger on the left hand side of the course. This led to several generall recalls, black flags and their consequences. Tomorrow more wind is expected. Results are available on the event web site.
First day of Racing at the Mistral Europeans
Posted On:  09/09/2002
Perfect weather for bathing introduced the 223 competitors from 30 nations to the lake Neusiedl. It was a hot, sunny and windless day. Everybody was relaxing in the sun and tried to pass the day without getting bored. At 1640 local time the principal race officer Christian Bayer delayed all races to the following day. So no races for the first day, but tommorow at 11 a.m. there will be the next try for a start.
Posted On:  08/09/2002
Today the Grand Opening took place. ......( more)
Posted On:  06/09/2002
First Registration Day. So far there have been 178 Surfers from 29 Nations that registered themselves and paid their entry fee. 240 are expected, thats the amount of athletes that made the pre inscription. The deadline for registration is tomorrow, saturday, 1 p.m.!
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