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Archive News: IFCA
OFFICIAL NOTICE - IFCA Slalom Worlds, Alcati, Turkey.
Posted On:  02/06/2006
The event will be based at ONE Resort Ephesus. As an official sponsor of the event ONE Resort Ephesus has 187 rooms and is located next to the event venue. Contact and booking details will be published on the official event website - - by June 8th. In the meantime please ignore an e-mail that may be circulating from the area (Cesme) linking itself to these championships. Bruno de Wannemaeker, IFCA President.
Posted On:  31/05/2006
It seems to be a little bit tricky to go to Karpathos... The charter flights seem to be fully booked already. ......( more)
Posted On:  21/05/2006
Nice region, perfect infrastructure, good organisation but a lot of rain and no wind ......( more)
Posted On:  30/04/2006
If you are interested in participating in the Namibia Record Attempt, you can still send us your registration form and we will put you on the waiting list on a first come first served base. Maybe you are lucky and a slot becomes free, so hurry up!......( more)
Posted On:  28/04/2006
The final day brought again great conditions for the Windsurfing Euro-Cup MONDIAL DU VENT in Leucate. The terrifying Tramontana wind was even a little bit stronger then on the day before gusting up to almost 45 knots.......( more)
Posted On:  27/04/2006
Today Leucate went off in its famous way. The Tramontana wind kicked in overnight and got nuclear over the day. With gusts reaching up to 42 knots the racers were partially pushed to their limit. No less then four full slalom eliminations for the men and additional six for the women were run today.......( more)
Posted On:  14/04/2006
We already have 20 pre-registrations for the upcoming record attempt in Namibia October/November 2006. Registrations include e.g. Speed World Champion Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Production Board Record Holder Dave White and Kitespeed-Record Holder Olaf Marting.......( more)
Egypt ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix postponed
Posted On:  02/04/2006
Preparations are running well, but at the moment we will not be able to finish everything in time until June. Thus we decided to postpone the event in Egypt to September, which also promises excellent conditions. Mid of May will see a final meeting between the organizers and the Egypt government, which fully supports the event. Final details will be available directly after this meeting.
Posted On:  21/03/2006
We are happy to announce that the Registration for the ISA Speed Sailing World Record Attempt is open now. Every interested rider is invited to apply for a starting place. Entry is strictly limited to a maximum of 20 competitors.
Posted On:  19/03/2006
From the 21.07.-29.07.2006 the ISA returns to the famous Sotavento Beach on the island of Fuerteventura for the kick-off event of the 2006 tour. The Notice of Race as well as the Registration forms are now available for download at ......( more)
Posted On:  02/03/2006
The Notice of Race for the 2006 Slalom World Championships is now published. ......( more)
Posted On:  07/02/2006
The kick off event of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup 2006 takes place in Leucate in the South of France from April 22nd to 27th.
Posted On:  31/01/2006
The International Speedsurfing Association (ISA) has just initiated a new World Speed Sailing Record Attempt in October 2006. The venue chosen is situated in Namibia, known for its strong and consistent southwesterly winds.......( more)
ISA - "Early Bird Licenses" - Last Chance!
Posted On:  30/01/2006
We kindly remind you that the period for purchasing "Early Bird Licenses" for a reduced price comes to its end. From 01.02.2006 on the regular price applies. Please check the online shop at
Posted On:  23/01/2006
As you will see, the ISA Website got a facelift. One of the main improvements will be a live webcast during the events with live results, pictures and video streams. Not everything is fully implemented yet, so please re-check! The events section has been updated with the 2006 tour schedule. We hope to confirm the remaining dates soon!
Posted On:  26/12/2005
A small trailer of the 2005 Tour. Enjoy! Read on for more ISA news. ......( more)
Rulebook 2006 for the ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix Tour published
Posted On:  11/12/2005
The International Speedsurfing Association (ISA) has just released the 2006 version of the Speed Windsurfing Rulebook. No major changes were made, only small adaptions to the specific needs noted during the 2005 tour. The biggest improvement includes a completely new timing system, which will work full automatically and allows for unlimited numbers of competitors as well as for immediate final results, and a new qualification and nomination system for the competitors. The Rulebook is available for download at
Posted On:  07/12/2005
Dear Freestyle Riders! The new events are already online and there are still some new events to come!!! Please take the chance to register already!
Posted On:  30/11/2005
The International Speedsurfing Association (ISA) publishes this invitation to tender to find a new timing system to be used on the 2006 Speedsurfing Grand Prix Tour. Deadline for submission is the 31.12.2005. The ITT can be downloaded here.
Posted On:  29/11/2005
The World Speed Sailing Record Council ratified two new world records over the course of one nautical mile, both set during the ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix Final in Walvis Bay, Namibia.......( more)
Posted On:  20/11/2005
Pending WSSRC ratification, Allison Shreeve (AUS 911, F2/Pryde) has reached a new world record speed of 27.70-knots for sail areas between 10 and 15 sq. meters.
Posted On:  13/11/2005
The 2005 season is history. After 10 events in 6 countries, we have a new European Champion. Kevin Mevissen (JP/NP NED79) stands (again) on the highest step of the podium!!! In 2nd and 3rd position: Andre Pakowski (F2/North Sails GER2) and Normen Guenzlein (JP/NP GER186)
Posted On:  03/11/2005
The first ISA Speed-Worldchampionship saw a great final. During the Walvisbay-Speedweek not only 21 speedsailing records were broken, but also the first official Speed World Champions were crowned.......( more)
Posted On:  22/10/2005
After two years of individual world record attempts, multiple world champion Bjorn Dunkerbeck (North Sails) and current world record holder Finian Maynard (F2/ Naish Sails) will finally clash for the coveted sailing barrier of 50-knots at the world’s premier speedsailing location in Saintes Maries de la Mer, France.......( more)
Posted On:  16/10/2005
16 Speedsailing Records have been broken today! A real record flood occured today in Walvis Bay, Namibia, with 14 national and two world outright records broken subject to WSSRC confirmation.......( more)
Posted On:  13/10/2005
Dunkerbeck after 4 rounds in front of Maynard, Albeau, Diethelm, Fiorentini and Karin Jaggi leads the womens fleet in front of Valerie Ghibaudo. ......( more)
Posted On:  12/10/2005
This event was the first speed windsurfing event in the world and the oldest in Africa.
Posted On:  24/09/2005
At its AGM in Silvaplana IFCA decided not change the IFCA Class Rules for slalom 2006. This means that next year we will still be using our 2003 rule: maximum 10 square meter sails, maximum 85 cm width for the boards. ......( more)
Posted On:  07/09/2005
Bringdal still on top as the Navman Maui Speed Challenge Series returns in a fury......( more)
Posted On:  22/08/2005
Normen Günzlein GER is celebrated as new Freestyle World Champion and winner of the European Freestyle Pro Tour Stop in the Engadine. ......( more)
Posted On:  20/08/2005
Karin Jaggi new Freestyle Women's World Champion! 15th World Champion title and at the same time the first World Champion title in her own country for Karin Jaggi SUI. Laure Treboux SUI is celebrated as Vice World Champion. Alex Humpel AUT wins the Freestyle World Championship in the master's category. The tension increases - who will win in the men's category of the IFCA Freestyle World Championships? ......( more)
Posted On:  19/08/2005
Kevin Mevissen NED, Normen Gunzlein GER, Andre Paskowski GER and Andreas Olandersson SWE as well as Karin Jaggi SUI and Laure Treboux SUI positioned themselves today as big candidates for the total victory - Who will win the title of Freestyle World Champion? ......( more)
Posted On:  16/08/2005
Andrea Cucchi wins the first race and sets new record for the Marathon Race......( more)
Posted On:  14/08/2005
August 13th to 21st in Silvaplana, St. Moritz (Switzerland). Record Fleet at the Windsurfing Euro-Cup Silvaplana.......( more)
Posted On:  03/08/2005
Karin Jaggi World Champion in Slalom - will she win her next World Championship title at the Stimorol Engadinwind in Silvaplana?......( more)
Posted On:  01/08/2005
Buzianis snatches victory from the jaws of defeat in the final meters of the final race, whilst Jaggi sinks Ghibaudo's battleship for once and for all.......( more)
Posted On:  29/07/2005
Buzianis wins the battle of nerves whilst Jaggi shows Ghibaudo how it’s done.......( more)
Posted On:  28/07/2005
Shreeve finds her form whilst Dunkerbeck bows to ballistic Buzianis.......( more)
Posted On:  28/07/2005
Tantalizing breeze eases the heat, but not enough to race.......( more)
Posted On:  27/07/2005
Women triumphant again as the men are left close but no cigar!......( more)
Posted On:  25/07/2005
Winds drop and temperatures soar leaving competitors to sweat it out on the beach.......( more)
Posted On:  25/07/2005
Go to the official event website for all the up-to-date news, results, photos and video streaming for the IFCA Slalom Worlds now on in Fuerteventura. Info here too for the ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix
Posted On:  24/07/2005
In lighter conditions than the previous day, a four gybe course, finishing with a downwind speed leg was set.......( more)
Posted On:  24/07/2005
Dunkerbeck back on top in strong Sotavento winds as Karin Jaggi dominates the women's fleet.......( more)
Posted On:  24/07/2005
The wind howls as the big guns square up to do battle in Fuerteventura.......( more)
Posted On:  19/07/2005
The agenda for the 2005 IFCA AGM to be held on 16 August in Silvaplana at 20.00 hours has now been posted.
Posted On:  16/07/2005
The Professional Windsurfers Association has announced today that it has reached agreement for the joint sanctioning of the upcoming Slalom event at Sotavento, Fuerteventura.......( more)
Posted On:  14/07/2005
The second stop of the ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix Tour starts end of next week on the island of Fuerteventura. ......( more)
Posted On:  08/07/2005
Following the colossal success of the European Slalom Championships 2005 in Alacati - an event which saw perfect winds ranging from 15 to 30 knots bringing on spectacular slalom action - the best competitors in the world are now gearing up for the 2005 IFCA SLALOM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Sotavento, Fuerteventura.
IFCA Slalom Worlds
Posted On:  07/07/2005
Click here for the confirmed approved boards for the forthcoming Funboard Worlds. Note that the latest starboard slalom boards are not eligible.
Posted On:  26/06/2005
After four tremendous competition days the IFCA European Slalom Championships 2005 in Alaçatı, Çeşme (Turkey) ended today. The venue has left an excellent impression on the competitors, the class and the Euro-Cup organization......( more)
Posted On:  25/06/2005
On the third day the wind got stronger then on the two days before. Gusts up to over 30 knots provided perfect conditions for the high wind experts at the IFCA European Slalom Championships 2005 in Alaçatı, Çeşme (Turkey). ......( more)
Posted On:  25/06/2005
The 2005 IFCA AGM will be held on 16 August in Silvaplana at 20.00 hours, during the Freestyle World Championships. National Associations are invited to submit proposals for the meeting by Friday 15th July. Full details of the Agenda and proposals submitted will be circulated to members and posted on the class website by Monday 18th July.
Posted On:  25/06/2005
The second day brought again perfect conditions for the IFCA European Slalom Championships 2005 in Alaçatı, Çeşme (Turkey). In the afternoon the breeze picked up to over 20 knots. ......( more)
Posted On:  23/06/2005
The IFCA European Slalom Championships 2005 had a perfect kick off in Alaçatı, Çeşme (Turkey). With perfect sideshore wind ranging from 15 to over 20 knots the race committee was able to run two full eliminations for the men’s fleet and even three eliminations for the master and women’s fleet.......( more)
Posted On:  22/06/2005
Tomorrow the IFCA European Slalom Championships 2005 will kick off in Alaçatı, Çeşme (Turkey). The windsurfing regatta is one of the highlights of the SURF'N SOUND SPORT and MUSIC FESTIVAL which is Turkey's most wide ranged sport and music festival. ......( more)
IFCA Slalom Worlds - Fuerteventura - 22-30 July 2005
Posted On:  16/06/2005
Some "big names" are starting to appear on the entry list for the IFCA Slalom Worlds. Rene Egli have a deserved reputation for producing outstanding competition events and are gearing up to make this year's IFCA Slalom Worlds the best ever. Prize money now stands at 35.000 euro instead of 25.000 euro! All event info on IFCA website
Posted On:  15/06/2005
After four days of none compete able winds, the meltemi starts blowing on the last day of the competition. This morning the riders got a warm welcome of 16 knots blowing winds when they arrived at the skippers meeting at 10.00 am on the beautiful golden beach in front of the Sunwindcenter of Theo Fisilanis.......( more)
Stimorol Engadinwind 2005 IFCA Freestyle World Championships
Posted On:  14/06/2005
Silvaplana, Switzerland - Wednesday, 17th August to Sunday, 21st August 2005. NoR now posted
Posted On:  08/06/2005
Notice of Race now posted
Posted On:  06/06/2005
The windsurfing regatta is one of the highlights of the SURF'N SOUND SPORT and MUSIC FESTIVAL which is Turkey's most wide ranged sport and music festival. ......( more)
Posted On:  06/06/2005
Tonky (F2/Gaastra) took the Victory in the “Prasonisi Freestyle Battle” with his amazing, sort of “I don’t care at all” style.......( more)
Posted On:  22/05/2005
Despite a very positive forecast, the thermical wind did not show up at the Swiss Funboard Cup at Urnersee, which represented the 3rd stop of the EFPT 2005. ......( more)
ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix Sailors also take note!!
Posted On:  22/05/2005
The ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix takes place alongside the IFCA Slalom Worlds - Flights and hotels for Fuerte are filling up very fast. Make your travel arrangements now!
Posted On:  21/05/2005
I just had a phone call from René Egli, the organizer of the event and the owner of the Pro Center at Playa Sotavento, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.......( more)
North American Windsurfing Championships
Posted On:  15/05/2005
The 2005 NORTH AMERICAN WINDSURFING CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held from Wednesday July 20th to Saturday July 24th, 2005 in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. Notice of Race
Posted On:  15/05/2005
Since 1985 (Lake Garda, Italy) the WSMA started organising "Production Board" events. At these events the idea of racing only on production boards with the mark "IYRU Production Board" was introduced. The professionals on the World Cup were competing on prototype and custom boards.
Posted On:  09/05/2005
Podersdorf, saw the highest freestyle level which was ever shown on the lake during this four days of the efpt competition. ......( more)
Posted On:  07/05/2005
After a very hard fight against Andre Paskowski (F2/North Sails), dutch rider Kevin Mevissen (JP/NP) defeated his title from the single elimination.......( more)
Posted On:  06/05/2005
The first day of one of the most important events of the tour 05, gave the riders a very windy welcome. The starting field again showed all the European top riders in freestyle windsurfing, and it was again the young talented dutch rider Kevin Mevissen (JP/NP) who took the victory in the first single elimination.......( more)
Posted On:  02/05/2005
IFCA have named the new brands so far added to the ISAF production board list. Also a reminder of limitations for competitors at the IFCA Slalom European and World Championships.
Posted On:  02/05/2005
Sotavento, Fuerteventura - 22-30 July - Notice of Race has now been published
Posted On:  28/04/2005
The Turkish Slalom Team is training hard to prepare for the battle with the International Stars. Alacati guarantees 5 Beaufort, 400 metres of water 1 metre deep, a sheltered bay with a width of 1.5 km. Downwind slalom, Figure 8 and all the variations are possible at this exciting venue.
Posted On:  26/04/2005
On the first event of the EFPT 2005, the Swiss Funboard Cup at Hyeres, we show the best starter field ever. ......( more)
Posted On:  18/04/2005
The WSSRC has ratified the Outright World Sailing Speed Record of Finian MAYNARD (IVB) and the Outright World Women’s Sailing Speed Record of Karin YAGGI (SUI). ......( more)
Posted On:  11/04/2005
Sunday - This day will become history ! The PSL Speedsurfing Grand Prix ended with two heats in up to 60 knots of wind and two world records were set on the canal in St. Maries de la mer!......( more)
Posted On:  08/04/2005
The organisers of the Port St. Louis ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix just received a hurricane warning for Saturday afternoon.......( more)
Posted On:  07/04/2005
Check out the Surf & Sound website, now live and full of information for the forthcoming Slalom European Championships, 22-26 June 2005.
Posted On:  07/04/2005
The start of this event with more than 100 competitors in the South of France saw good conditions for both qualifiers and professionals. Since then, "waiting days", but the forecast for the weekend is getting better hour by hour, at the moment we have the chance to get force 8-10 on Saturday! Amateurs Heat 1 Professionals Heat 1 Men Professionals Heat 1 Women Amateurs Ranking Professionals Ranking
2005 IFCA Slalom World Championships confirmed for Fuerteventura
Posted On:  01/04/2005
IFCA have confirmed a bid fom Fuerteventura to host the 2005 Slalom World Championships as part of the 2005 Fuerteventura Windsurfing and Kiteboarding World Cup. IFCA President ,Bruno de Wannemaeker: "We are proud to be associated with such a world renowned and respected event organisation; sailors can look forward to a memorable first - a dedicated slalom World Championship." Full announcement
Posted On:  26/03/2005
The final Notice of Race for the IFCA Slalom European Championships, to be held 22-26 June in Turkey, has now been posted. On-line registration is now open, downloadable entry forms coming soon.
Posted On:  25/03/2005
The probably most thrilling duel of the year takes place from 02.04.-10.04.2005 in Port St. Louis in the south of France. ......( more)
Posted On:  25/03/2005
The registration for the second stop of the ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix Tour is open now. The ProAm format of this events allows engaged amateurs to compete with the best windsurfers in the world, e.g. Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Finian Maynard, the current Speed Sailing World Record holder. ......( more)
Posted On:  14/03/2005
All member national windsurfing associations or authorities that want to register sailors for the 15,000 Euro IFCA 2005 European Slalom Championships should, according to the IFCA Championship Rules 2.3, apply for places to the IWA office as soon as possible using the form supplied.
Posted On:  08/03/2005
On Wednesday 3rd March a press conference was held in Istanbul, Turkey to announce the 2005 IFCA European Championships Slalom in Cesme/Alacati - 22-26 June 2005. Go to IFCA website for full article
ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix Port St. Louis, France
Posted On:  25/02/2005
The Notice of Race for the first stop of the 2005 ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix Tour has been published. More than 100 competitors registered to compete in this ProAm event, including multiple time world champion Bjorn Dunkerbeck and world record holder Finian Maynard. The event starts on 02.04.2005 and runs until 10.04.2005. Entries to the amateurs fleet are still accepted, while the pro fleet is closed now. More info on:
2005 IFCA Slalom European Championships
Posted On:  21/02/2005
A provisional Notice of Race for the 2005 IFCA Slalom European Championships has been published. IFCA President, Bruno de Wannemaeker, will be attending a Championship press launch in Istanbul at the beginning of March, the full Notice of Race will be published by 15th March, latest. IFCA wish to remind industry and sailors of the revised ISAF Production Board Rules -which have been introduced to encourage industry participation, and increase the opportunity for sailors to compete in the slalom discipline.
Posted On:  07/01/2005
The IFCA executive is launching a competition to create a new IFCA logo ......( more)
Posted On:  07/01/2005
The exact time and place for our AGM in Dussledorf will be:The restaurant "Schnellenburg". The meeting will start at 17:00. The restaurant "Schnellenburg" is located exactly in front of the entrance south of the "Messe Dusseldorf" where the "BOOT"exhibition takes place. See map
Revised date for IFCA AGM
Posted On:  27/12/2004
Date: 23 januari 2005; Time: 14 hours; Place: Boot Exhibition Dusseldorf Germany; Location: to be announced through IFCA website. Revised agenda and documents have been posted. Absentees please send your remaks by e-mail to the IFCA president
Posted On:  16/11/2004
A new outright Speed World Record, the British, Dutch and Australian (windsurfing) records along with a fantastic new production board world record have all been accomplished in the hard-core ‘French Trench’ here in the Camargue region of France.
Posted On:  14/11/2004
Subject to WSSRC ratification, Finian Maynard (BVI) set a speed of 46.82 knots on November 13 2004 on the "trench" in St. Maries de la Mer.......( more)
Posted On:  11/11/2004
The second day of the Aloha Classic had the sailors waking to more wind in the 15kt range, but the surf had backed off a bit with only 3 foot faces at Ho'okipa Beach Park.......( more)
Posted On:  10/11/2004
Today was the first day of competition for the 19th Aloha Classic at Ho'okipa Beach Park, Maui. ......( more)
Posted On:  07/11/2004
What a close decision at the last event of the EFPT.......( more)
Posted On:  07/11/2004
With the pending return of the trade winds and swell on Tuesday the organizing committee has decided to push the Aloha Classic Wave Championships back a day and start the competition on Tuesday, November 9.......( more)
Posted On:  04/11/2004
The latest gathering of speed demons at the "Canal' in Southern France has begun, with the sailors expecting to stay through until at least December 14, in search of a new outright sailing speed record and perhaps the elusive 50 knot barrier.......( more)
Posted On:  26/10/2004
At this year's Aloha Classic Wave Championships we will celebrate and honor her life with a perpetual trophy called THE JULIE DEWERD ALOHA SPIRIT TROHPY. Her family would like to continue their support of Julie, in memoriam, by offering a $500 grant this year to the winner of this trophy, for the sailor who best exhibits the Aloha Spirit. ......( more)
Posted On:  26/10/2004
The 'Windsurf Magazine' Slalom Challenge UK 2004 concluded at the weekend during the Whiteair Extreme Sports Festival on the Isle of Wight.......( more)
Posted On:  19/10/2004
Top wave sailors from around the world will gather at Hookipa Beach Park, from November 8th through the 10th, for some of the best wave sailing action.......( more)
Posted On:  18/10/2004
Ok guys and girls this is it! Its all on this weekend 22-25 October 2004 and the weather is looking great. ......( more)
Posted On:  13/10/2004
It was a late call but only 12 pre-entries were received by the closing date. However, the infrastructure and organisation is in place to deliver an event - we can expect good media and PR for slalom, and hopefully good conditions, good racing and good parties!......( more)
Posted On:  12/10/2004
First the bad news! IFCA and UKWA Racing, the local organiser, have very reluctantly taken the decision to cancel the 2004 IFCA Slalom Worlds. The good news - An open slalom event will still be held at the same time and the same venue as the worlds for those wishing to take part.......( more)
Technical problems for World Pay on-line payments
Posted On:  05/10/2004
"Access to our payment and administration system is once again disrupted due to continuation of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack, by a unknown third party. We are processing payments but fewer and more slowly than we normally would." Anyone wishing to enter the IFCA Slalom Worlds, but having problems with the on-line payment, should e-mail so that we can at least get you on to the entry list.
Posted On:  30/09/2004
IFCA has been conducting a questionnaire amongst IFCA National Associations. Naturally, the bigger the response, the better will be the overall picture. Make your contribution on the IFCA site.
Posted On:  29/09/2004
4 World Titles are at stake and entries are limited: Men (max 64 entries), Women (max 32 entries), Master (max 32 entries) and Youth (max 32 entries). Prize fund 15,000 Euro (net of taxes)......( more)
Posted On:  27/09/2004
The event was at Calima lake on west side of Colombia, 80 kms from Cali. We were around 60 competitors from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Colombia. ......( more)
Posted On:  24/09/2004
The EFPT looks back at a very successful season and into a great future.
Posted On:  21/09/2004
The 2004 Annual General Meeting of the International Funboard Class Association will be held on Tuesday 26 October 2004 on the Isle of Wight, UK during the IFCA Slalom Worlds. The exact location and time will be announced on the Official Notice Board. Agenda
Posted On:  17/09/2004
The "Aloha Classic", the crown jewel of windsurfing events will be back after a two year absence, on November 8-10 at Ho'okipa Beach Park on Maui, Hawaii. ......( more)
Posted On:  17/09/2004
Taranaki has a long history of being one of the best surf locations in New Zealand. This year's event will take place over 22-25 October 2004 - an all out expression session with focus on fun and a big party after. For info, go to the Taranaki website
Posted On:  16/09/2004
European Freestyle Pro Tour - The finals showed freestyle windsurfing on a very high level.......( more)
Posted On:  05/09/2004
Yesterday finally provided the awaiting photographers and television crews with a wave spectacle but of a different flavour than expected.......( more)
Posted On:  04/09/2004
If only this was a surf competition! Today an unusual weather situation dominates the west coast of Portugal. A low pressure system over the Atlantic provides heavy rainfall and cloudy weather to the normally sun-spoiled region.......( more)
Posted On:  02/09/2004
The Notice of Race for the 2004 Slalom Worlds on the Isle of Wight (UK) is now on line.......( more)
Posted On:  02/09/2004
On a day without wind, but good waves, sailors took to the water to hone their surfing skills.......( more)
Posted On:  01/09/2004
Over 30 competitors representing 11 countries and 3 continents have registered here at Guincho Beach for the 2004 Freewave World Championships. ......( more)
Posted On:  28/08/2004
The Press Conference for the presentation of the Event will take place on the 30th of August, at 6.00 pm, at Du Arte Garden - Casino do Estoril, with the presence of Official Entities, Sponsors and Sportive Entities, with a special emphasis on Bruno De Wannemaeker - President of IFCA and on north-american Josh Angulo, nº1 of the world ranking. ......( more)
Rumours NOT fact!
Posted On:  27/08/2004
Contrary to rumours that appear to be circulating, both the IFCA Freewave Worlds (Guincho) and the IFCA Slalom Worlds are ON! Bruno de Wannemaeker, IFCA President, is already in Portugal overseeing the final preparations for the Freewave World Championships. Whilst in Oeiras he received the good news that an alternative venue for the Slalom World Championships had been confirmed. The Notice of Race will be posted very soon. Watch IWA and IFCA websites for all details regarding class championships and events.
Posted On:  26/08/2004
After the disappointment of having to cancel the event in Taiwan, IFCA are pleased to announce the 2004 SLALOM WORLDS will be held on the Isle of Wight, UK from 25 to 30 October, along with the Fat Face White Air Extreme Sports Festival 2004.
IFCA Freewave World Championships - Guincho, Portugal
Posted On:  24/08/2004
Bruno is in Portugal right now and has seen at first hand the fantastic organisation already in place awaiting the arrival of competitors. Guincho, on the Estoril Coast, is one of the most beautiful and radical wave spots on the planet. The event will be video streamed and there is a huge media machine waiting to advertise YOU. And besides the competition, there is a wonderful social atmosphere, not least the Bufureira Beach Party to finish the event. Eur 20,000 Prize Fund! Don't delay - ENTER NOW! and catch some amazing deals Event Site:
Posted On:  22/08/2004
In response to requests from many freewave sailors, IFCA and event organisers Overpower Club have agreed to OPEN this year's championship to sailors competing on any "production" board.......( more)
Posted On:  21/08/2004
IFCA are now able to offer FREE accommodation deal to the first 15 riders to enter the forthcoming Freewave World Championships - Guincho, Portugal, renowned for its waves and hospitality! To take advantage of this offer you need to enter on line - go NOW to:
IFCA Freewave Worlds, Guincho
Posted On:  09/08/2004
Just three weeks to go to the most dynamic freewave event of the year, taking place on Portugal's beautiful Estoril coast. The Overpower Team are waiting to go into overdrive for this most prestigious World Championship event. Visit the Official Website: for all the information you need then enter on line:
IFCA 2004 Annual General Meeting
Posted On:  06/08/2004
The IFCA 2004 Annual General Meeting will be held in Taiwan during the IFCA Slalom Worlds in September. The agenda has been posted. Items for consideration by the AGM should be submitted by 20 August to Bruno de Wannemaeker.
ISAF Approved Series Production Boards List
Posted On:  13/07/2004
Please note that ISAF have now produced a "Slalom Only" list of Registered boards that may be used at the 2004 Slalom Worlds. The full Production list (July 2004) has also been amended to include all of the newly registered slalom boards.
Posted On:  13/07/2004
The first International freestyle windsurfing contest in Belgium!!!! 3-7 August 2004 - Twins Club - Strandpost 1 - Bredene - Belgium
Posted On:  09/07/2004
Please note that the production board list has been updated. The ISAF Offices have received over 50 new board registrations.
Posted On:  08/07/2004
After the huge successes in music - Rock in Rio, and in sports - Euro UEFA 2004, Portugal is now preparing itself for a new challenge - the IFCA Windsurfing World Championships 2004, in the FreeWave discipline! ......( more)
Posted On:  01/07/2004
The organisers have arranged a special all inclusive package for all competitors including international flights, excess baggage, hotel, food and transfers.......( more)
Posted On:  21/06/2004
ISAF and IFCA are pleased to announce a revised registration procedure for the upcoming IFCA Freestyle Worlds and IFCA Slalom Worlds.......( more)
ISAF Board Registration 2004
Posted On:  16/06/2004
A reminder to manufacturers of the following deadlines: IFCA Wave/Freestyle Worlds - registration deadline is the 3rd JULY 2004, IFCA Slalom Worlds - registration deadline is the 9th JULY 2004 For copies of the ISAF APPROVED SERIES PRODUCTION BOARD REGISTRATION SYSTEM 2004 together with REGISTRATION forms, please contact: or Sebastian Edmonds, ISAF Technical Coordinator:,Tel: +44 (0)23 8063 5111, Fax: +44 (0)23 8063 5789 The current production board list may be viewed on the ISAF website New for 2004 are the Falcon Slalom 90 and 120
Date Change for IFCA Freewave Worlds
Posted On:  08/06/2004
Please note the change of date from 22-26 August. The new date is now 31st August to 4th September. The revised Notice of Race has been posted and the official website will be up and running shortly.
2004 IFCA Slalom Europeans Cancelled
Posted On:  25/05/2004
IFCA regrets to announce that the IFCA Slalom Europeans, scheduled for Lake Garda at the end of June, has been cancelled.
2004 FreeWave World Championships
Posted On:  01/05/2004
22 to 26 August - Guincho, Portugal - Freestyle & Wave Performance - Notice of Race now available together with on-line registration with credit card payment
Posted On:  05/04/2004
Kevin Mevissen (NP / JP) wins the first stop of the EFPT Tour 2004 Hyeres France. Kevin showed an outstanding performance and went trough the finals without any problems. ......( more)
Posted On:  05/04/2004
Over the last few months, the International Funboard Class Association has been in close contact with the speed surfing community with the aim of facilitating the promotion of this discipline more widely. As a result, they are pleased to announce the formation of the International Speedsurfing Association (ISA), which for the time being will form a division of IFCA.......( more)
Posted On:  15/01/2004
The International Funboard Class has got together with DMG Marketing Services GmbH and Positive Lines GmbH to create the 2004 European Freestyle Pro-Tour by putting together more than 10 events with a total of more than Euro 100,000 of prize money.
Posted On:  13/01/2004
Guincho, Portugal, 22-26 August. The Official Event website is now on-line.
Posted On:  28/10/2003
Can you help?......( more)
Posted On:  22/10/2003
With one race left to go in the championship, riders took the water to set the score. The title was up for grabs with Antoine Albeau, Wotjek Brzozoski, and Kevin Pritchard all in the running in the chase for the title.......( more)
Posted On:  22/10/2003
Three slalom races were held here on the fourth day of the IFCA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. Again the wind was on our side and reached speeds up to 27 knots.......( more)
IFCA Worlds, Hyeres
Posted On:  22/10/2003
Five slalom races have now been completed. Catch all the news on the NEW IFCA website and view photos and videos, courtesy of
Posted On:  22/10/2003
IFCA have now moved "in house" to join the other windsurfing classes and the IWA hosted by AWNet. Please note the new URL: or reach the new site by clicking on the IFCA logo at the top of the IWA home page.
IFCA Worlds, Hyeres
Posted On:  20/10/2003
Wind up to 25 knots came at 17:00. Two more races. Both won by Wojtek in front of Antoine
Posted On:  20/10/2003
Today the weather was soft and the wind was light with average speeds around 12 knots...ideal conditions for course racing! Four races were held today and excitement is the keyword to describe the battle for the IFCA World Championships with an extreme range of conditions - Arnon is leading before Antoine, Kevin and Wojtek...tomorrow they are expecting another hardcore day with South western winds up to 50 knots! Results
IFCA Worlds, Hyeres
Posted On:  19/10/2003
Day One - Wind 40 knots sometimes up to 55! Temperature 11 C and rain. In gusty but windy offshore conditions up to 35 knots it was Kevin Pritchard (US-3) who managed to win both slalom races held yesterday afternoon in a close battle with Frenchmen Antoine Albeau's (F-192). Wojtek Brzozowski (POL-10) secured his third place in both races
Posted On:  06/10/2003
......( more)
Posted On:  05/10/2003
The agenda for the IFCA AGM has been posted on the IFCA website.
Posted On:  03/10/2003
We are sorry to announce that the IFCA World Championships Artistic Windsurfing 2003 (Wave and Freestyle) have been cancelled. We are focusing all our attention to the IFCA Racing Worlds. The total prize money fund of 10.000 Euro will be awarded to the Racing event and we now have 4 World Titles to fight for in Racing: Men, Women, Youth and Masters.......( more)
Posted On:  01/10/2003
The ISAF Approved Series production board list, September 2003 is now available in the technical section of the ISAF website. ......( more)
Posted On:  11/09/2003
IFCA President, Bruno, has recently visited the event site at Almanarre. He was immensely impressed by all the organisation and preparation for what looks to be an epic event. The weather conditions expected in October in Almanarre are ideal for a Worlds. Read his report.......( more)
IFCA World and European Championships - Hyeres, 17-22 October 2003
Posted On:  30/08/2003
Official event site for the IFCA Championships: or Here you will find help with travel and accommodation.
Posted On:  27/08/2003
The French organiser wants to do the entries on the 17th and start racing the 18th in the morning instead of the 19th at 13.00 hours. By doing this we gain 1 and a half days of competition. Please refer to the amendment to the Notice of Race on the IFCA website.
Posted On:  22/08/2003
You have just ten days to enter the IFCA Worlds at the pre-entry prices. IFCA may raise the price by Eur 40 after 31 August. World Champion titles are at stake for Men/Ladies in the Racing Worlds and the Artistic worlds. At the same time youths (under 19 on 31/12/2003) and masters (35 years or older on 31/12/2003) compete for the Youth/Master European Champion title. Come to Hyeres - A perfect venue for what we expect to be an outstanding competition of racing, freestyle and wave performance.
2003 IFCA World and European Windsurfing Championships
Posted On:  22/07/2003
The Dates for the IFCA Worlds 2003 have changed!
Posted On:  08/06/2003
17 - 22 October 2003 - Hyeres (France) The Notice Of Race will be ready by the end of the week
Posted On:  29/03/2003
Magdalen Islands, Eastern Canada, the Gulf of St Lawrence, 25-30 August 2003 "La Coupe des Iles" Freestyle, Long-Distance and Speed Pre-notice of race to be published soon
Posted On:  17/12/2002
Posted On:  03/12/2002
Slalom is once again considered as a full discipline with Continentals and Worlds from 2003 onwards. For some years slalom has been losing out in the sport due to a lot of races being cancelled because of insufficient wind. With the recent evolution in slalom boards and rigs IFCA believes that it is time to re-launch slalom. ......( more)
Posted On:  25/08/2002
IFCA Worlds, Westende, 20-25 August 2002 - The four races from day one become the final results!
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