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Archive News: Aloha
News Item
Aloha, IMCO, MJOD & Raceboard Combine To Establish One Structure For Longboard Racing
Posted On:  19/10/2002
The following structure has been agreed between the classes concerned after consultation with their National Associations

The Raceboard class will stage their masters’ European and World championships at the same time and at the same venue as the IMCO U20, MJOD U17 and Aloha U15 championships;
The IMCO U20, MJOD and the Aloha class will stage combined World and Continental Championships where possible;
The Mistral Junior One Design class will stage a European or World championship for boys/girls under the age of 17 only;
The Aloha class will stage a European or World Championship for boys/girls under the age of 15 only;
The Raceboard Masters, IMCO U20, MJOD U17s and Aloha U15 Worlds shall be staged outside Europe in every second year provided that the local organiser offers free or extremely inexpensive accommodation, food and transfers (from the nearest international airport to/from the race site) and a minimum of 30Kgs of free excess baggage allowance for equipment. Where possible the local organiser shall also negotiate special rates for flights for competitors traveling from any continent to the nearest international airport to the venue. A Venue shall be close to the specified major international airport.
When this world championship is staged outside Europe, the above classes shall stage a combined European Championship at a venue to which it is easy to drive.
2003 Longboard Racing Calendar
The Raceboard Masters, IMCO U20, MJOD U 17 and Aloha U15 European Championships will be staged in Puck, Poland from August 2nd > 9th;
The Raceboard Masters, IMCO U20, MJOD U 17 and Aloha U15 World Championships will be staged in Merida, Yucatan in November/December 2003 (some charter equipment to be provided);
The Raceboard World Championship will be staged in Greece with provisional dates of July 6th > 12th
The Mistral European Championship will be staged in Mondello, Sicily between May 5th >15th
The Mistral World Championship will form part of the ISAF Olympic Classes World Championship and will be staged in Cadiz, Spain between September 11th > 20th based on Puerto Sherry
Oceania Championship - March 1st > 4th -- Whangaparoa, New, Zealand
South American Championship - March 1st > 6th - Buenos Aires, Argentina
NB: This structure to be reviewed in 2005 in the light of the decision made by ISAF on the equipment to be used at the 2008 Olympics.

Countries who already have a junior racing programme in place are encouraged to continue using equipment currently in place. So if your junior squad is training on the MOD they should continue to do so or if it is training on Alohas, they should continue to do so.
Only when it comes to international championships does this structure apply. It should be noted that competitors who have trained on the MOD have done well at major championships on the Aloha and vice versa.
The MJOD have no minimum age requirements.
This structure has been agreed in order to avoid duplication of effort; encourage cost effectiveness in travel budgets; and maximize the effectiveness of existing development programmes in the best interests of the whole sport.

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