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Archive News: Aloha
News Item
Production of the Aloha board officially ended
Posted On:  23/03/2004
In 2003, we fixed a level of 300 units as the minimum number of orders, below which it would not be viable to manufacture the Aloha board, in terms of organizing production and economically. At the end of 2003 we had received no more than 50 orders from our world wide dealer network. We have therefore taken the decision to stop production of the board. We’re convinced that stopping production of this board will make many clubs aware that they need to progress towards a more modern concept. In France, the Techno 293 has already been selected as its replacement.

Techno 293 to replace Aloha in France
Following our announcement, the French Sailing Federation has made a rapid response, testing a number of models to select a new monotype board for beginners and juniors. Testing was held in mid-February with 30 instructors and 15 young riders. Boards presented for testing included: Mistral Prodigy, Starboard Start, Exocet Cruiser and the Techno 293.

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