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Archive News: Aloha
Farewell to Aloha, bring on Techno 293!
Posted On:  02/12/2005
The ALOHA is no longer registered with ISAF as a Recognised Class - the TECHNO 293 is a whole new beginning for junior windsurf racing. The new Techno 293 website is almost ready to go live - and on it you will find all the details about the new class, the 2006 Techno 293 Class Rules, and much more. In the meantime click here to direct any enquiries via e-mail.
Posted On:  14/11/2005
The ISAF Council met in Singapore and approved the submission made by the Techno 293 Class to become a 'recognised ' ISAF class.......( more)
Posted On:  11/10/2005
Reminder - Invitation to Industry members to supply a rig package - immediate; Closing date for submission from industry - 31st October 05
Posted On:  15/08/2005
The Aloha event came to a very satisfactory conclusion yesterday (Sunday) with a total of 10 races for the Championship even though the weather gods did their best to confuse with a mixture of light winds, storms, rain and sun!
Posted On:  11/08/2005
A very lively AGM, which lasted a little over two hours, was chaired by Ezio Ferin yesterday evening (Wednesday 10 August) at Sopot. ......( more)
Aloha AGM
Posted On:  30/07/2005
Posted On:  14/06/2005
The first of many sails we hope! Anybody else with Aloha sails surplus to requirements? Please contact IWA OFFICE if you do.
Posted On:  12/06/2005
Amendment to Aloha Class Rules
Posted On:  22/05/2005
Please note the following amendment to Aloha Class Rules: C.6.3 - add - "e) the centreboard cassette may be shimmed"
Posted On:  03/03/2005
Last weekend the "Jugendseglertreff" (Youth Sailing Conference) of the German Sailing Association (DSV) selected the BIC Techno 293 One Design as official Youth Board from 2006 to 2009. ......( more)
Posted On:  19/02/2005
The French sailing federation propose a test event to choose a one design rig for BIC 293 OD under 15. April 19 - 22, Hyeres with coaches and young windsurfers under 15.
Change to Championship Rules 2005 (Aloha, IMCO, MJOD, & Raceboard Classes)
Posted On:  28/01/2005
Please note that 7. SAIL INSIGNIAS has been amended as follows: 7.1 National letters & sail numbers shall be black in colour and placed back to back on an opaque white background immediately above batten #4 (#3 for Aloha).
Posted On:  08/10/2004
A Statement from Ezio Ferin, new chairman of the Under 15 Windsurfing Class (formerly the Aloha Class)......( more)
New Aloha Class Chairman - Ezio Ferin
Posted On:  07/10/2004
Ezio Ferin (ITA) has been elected Chairman of the Aloha Class in place of Marc Cardon. Marco Rossi and Ceri Williams have been elected as Vice Chairmen.
Posted On:  25/08/2004
held at the Bulgarian National Sports Acadamy, Nessebar, Bulgaria on Tuesday 3 August 2004 - Now Posted
Posted On:  13/08/2004
The Aloha Class AGM (3rd August, Bulgaria) approved a proposal to replace the existing equipment (no longer produced) with the BIC Techno 293D. The decision followed a Trial of equipment prior to the recent Worlds and a recommendation by the evaluation team. Preliminary report - Full report will be published soon.
Posted On:  23/07/2004
The proposals for the Aloha AGM have been published within the agenda on the Aloha site.
Posted On:  07/07/2004
The agenda has been posted
Posted On:  04/07/2004
We are searching urgently for a ALOHA BOARD and RIGG 6.5 or and 5.5 for the Worlds at Nessebar.
Aloha AGM
Posted On:  27/05/2004
The Aloha AGM will take place in Nessebar, Bulgaria during the Aloha Worlds at a time and place to be announced on the official Notice Board. Those wishing to put forward a submission for discussion should do so by July 1st 2004.
Posted On:  05/04/2004
An open invitation to windsurfing brands to put forward new junior one design racing equipment for evaluation by an international team of assessors under the auspices of the Aloha Class Association
Posted On:  23/03/2004
In 2003, we fixed a level of 300 units as the minimum number of orders, below which it would not be viable to manufacture the Aloha board, in terms of organizing production and economically. At the end of 2003 we had received no more than 50 orders from our world wide dealer network. We have therefore taken the decision to stop production of the board. ......( more)
Posted On:  17/12/2003
In accordance with constitution article # 7.4, Italy and Spain have called for a special general meeting of the Aloha class association
Posted On:  06/08/2003
New look and new address: Aloha has now joined the "family" - IWA, IMCO, MJOD and Raceboard - hosted by AWNet.
Posted On:  06/08/2003
Kevin Festocq (FRA15) excelled with a first place and a second to top the leader board after day 1. ......( more)
Posted On:  12/02/2003
Special Aloha race 19-20 April, Larmor Plage near Lorient, Britanny, FRANCE You can see all the details on our web site : A race to prepare the French young racer for French championship. It lasts two days for 6 or 7 races.
Posted On:  19/10/2002
The following structure has been agreed between the classes concerned after consultation with their National Associations......( more)
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