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Latvian Ansis Dale took the victory on Neilpryde Baltic Cup
Posted On:  28/07/2005

On the coast of Estonia the top event of Baltic surfers’ competition season – Neilpryde Baltic Cup was held on 22-24 July.

Before the final races in Tallinn Latvian Janis Preiss was leading the competition. But in Tallinn, where Ansis Dale won two races out of four, he passed Preiss and took the victory in overall ranking.

Weather conditions in Tallinn, Pirita were quite difficult – on the first day there was no wind, so no races were held. Saturday morning was more promising, wind was blowing 5-6 m/s and during a day it raced up to 8-9 m/s. For Sunday the weather forecast promised even stronger wind. Morning seemed to be fantastic – sun was shining and wind was blowing 8-9 m/s. Unfortunately heavy rain came straight after the first start and also drew the wind down.
Altogether there were four races held – Estonians Toomas Mölder and Erno Kaasik were the best on first two, but Ansis Dale took the victory on third and fourth race. So in Tallinn the best were Ansis Dale (Lat-13), Maris Smiltenieks (Lat-68) and Erno Kaasik (Est-2).

In the overall six best in Neilpryde Baltic Cup 2005 are Ansis Dale (Lat-13), Janis Preiss (Lat-23), Martin Ervin (Est-202), Kristjanis Tutans (Lat-168), Martis Smiltenieks (Lat-68) and Erno Kaasik (Est-2). In masters division the best are Ansis Dale (Lat-13), Martin Ervin (Est-202) and Martinis Grobins (Lat-777).

Neilpryde Baltic Cup has been the top event of Baltic windsurfing season already for the past six years. Neilpryde Baltic Cup has including the best from the entire Baltic region, as well as Finland, Sweden and Belarus. In addition to competitors from neighboring countries, many from the very top of the world’s surfers have visited the competition. The names include freestyle champion leader Ricardo Campello, one of the world’s top professionals, course racer Jimmy Diaz, the manager of the world’s leading sail producing company Neil Pryde and many others.

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