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European Freestyle Pro Tour Paros Golden Beach, Sunwindcenter Theo Fisilanis
Posted On:  15/06/2005

After four days of none compete able winds, the meltemi starts blowing on the last day of the competition. This morning the riders got a warm welcome of 16 knots blowing winds when they arrived at the skippers meeting at 10.00 am on the beautiful golden beach in front of the Sunwindcenter of Theo Fisilanis.

First start was done at 12.00 am showing Tonky Frans (F2/Gaastra) against Fillipo Buratti (RRD/Simmer). In this heat already you could see that Tonky (F2/Gaastra) was hot to go for his second title on the Greek tour. On his way through the ladder neither Andreas Olanderson (JP/NP) nor the very sympatric dutch guy Kevin Mevissen (JP/NP) could stop him.

At the semi final between Tonky (F2/Gaastra) and Kevin (JP/NP), Kevin did not show the performance he is able to do and what he showed already a couple of times on the European tour. So the dancing style of Tonky, and the combination of showing a lot of the hottest freestyle moves like Chaccoo, Grubby-Diablo and Flaka combinations send him to the final, where he should meet the current tour leader Andre Paskowski (F2/North Sails).

Andre (F2/North Sails) seeded as number one on Paros had no problem to go into the semi-finals, where he was facing last years tour winner and European champion Matteo Guazzoni (RRD / Simmer). But the performance of Andre (F2/North Sails) was outstanding, so Matteo (RRD / Simmer) had no chance. Matteo (RRD / Simmer) was fighting very hard, but after a very good move, Andre (F2/North Sails) always had one on top. So Andre won in a three zero judge decision and moved on to the final.

In the losers final Kevin (JP/NP) found back to his normal high level performance and set a lot of winner moves like Funnel, Shove-it into spock, Grubby Diablo, just to mention some of them. Matteo seemed to be paralyzed from the fireworks lightened by Kevin (JP/NP), so he could not find the right answer and Kevin (JP/NP) took the victory and the 3rd place at the elimination on Paros.

But now coming to the final, where Tonky (F2/Gaastra) started the heat like it was never seen before on the EFPT. Within the first two minutes he showed everything possible in these difficult conditions as the wind started to become very gusty. Andre (F2/North Sails) tried a lot of switch stance high technical moves, but the performance was not very clean and not on the level which Andre (F2/North Sails) is expected to do. But in the second half of the heat, Tonky (F2/Gaastra) seemed to become nervous having the title almost in his hands. Andre (F2/North Sails) comes closer and closer, showing a couple of winner moves, like switch puneta. But all in all Tonky (F2/Gaastra) saved a small advance till the end of the heat, and one more time his incredible loose and relaxed style in combination with the hottest technical freestyle moves in windsurfing freestyle brought him the second title on the European Freestyle Pro Tour.
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