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Swiss Funboard Cup - Urnersee, 20-22 May 2005
Posted On:  22/05/2005

Despite a very positive forecast, the thermical wind did not show up at the Swiss Funboard Cup at Urnersee, which represented the 3rd stop of the EFPT 2005.

The seeding list was leaded by German rider Norman G√ľnzlein (JP/NP) who is currently ranked number 4 on the European Freestyle Pro Tour. Second in the seeding for Urnersee was Slovenian rider Tine Slabe (F2/Arrows) followed by Michi Rossmeier (F2/Arrows) from Austria.

Unfortunately we got only 15 minutes of wind due to a thunderstorm on Saturday evening, so that all we could do was a little supersession, where the riders got the chance to demonstrate their high level on freestyle windsurfing. Norman (JP/NP), Tine (F2/Arrows), Michi (F2/Arrows) but also the local Swiss riders like Pesche Vogt (F2/Arrows) and Dani Aeberli (F2/North Sails) turned the lake into a perfect playground for flakas, ponch, grubbies, spocks and killer forwards as the "Fon" came in very strong and offered perfect conditions for sailsize 4.7 to 5.3

So the tour will move on to the Greece islands Rhodos - Prasonisi, Paros and Mykonos where the next 3 events will be held during the first three weekends of June.

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