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Windsurf E-News: 8 - May 2002
The IWA Yearbook contains all the sections you would normally expect to find in the individual Class Association’s handbooks – including Class Rules, Committee Members, Address Books, Constitution, AGM Minutes and much more. This will be sent free of charge to all ISAF Member National Authorities, elected windsurfing class officials, and IWA member national class & windsurfing associations. Other individuals who wish to receive a copy are required to pay Euro 20 per copy plus post and packing (see IWA Administrative Matters below):

Please contact the IWA office on

If you wish to download the yearbook of your choice please go to the following URLs.

The first AGM of the International Windsurfing Association will be held at Largs, Scotland at the beginning of the Windsurfing World Championships 2002. Each paid up National Association will be able to send a delegate for every class it represents and now is the time to put some thought to and get involved in this very important meeting. We envisage papers for discussion regarding the future direction of our sport, including the Olympic choice. Official Notice and full details will be given in the next Web News but ample opportunity after publication will be given to contribute.

Aloha coaches and sailors are reminded that the u-15 category for Aloha Classic has been reinstated in the 2002 World Championships. Full details will be published in the Notice of Race which will follow this publication of Web News. As a consequence there will not be a Techno Junior class as was introduced for the first time in Ostia in 2001. I am sure this decision will meet with the unanimous approval of all those national associations that have supported the class since its inception.

4 world titles to be competed for at Largs - Raceboard Men and Women, Raceboard Unlimited (open) and Raceboard Masters (open). These classes are particularly strong in the UK and competitors from around the world will be warmly welcomed by a very strong contingent from the UK who have every intention of making this the best Raceboard World Championships ever.

In addition to the Formula World Championships for youth boy and youth girls, there are categories available for Espoir (u22) and Junior (u17).
Notice of Race to be published following the Web News.

Puerto Sherry, Cadiz, Spain
The second Mistral Junior One Design Annual General Meeting will be held during the Mistral Youth & Junior World Championship in Puerto Sherry, Cadiz, Spain. Please accept this notice as the official preliminary advice that the meeting will be held. Nations who have paid their annual fee on behalf of their MJOD Class are eligible to vote. All other interested parties are welcome to attend as observers.
If you, a national MJOD Class Association, would like to put forward a proposal for consideration by the AGM, please do not hesitate to send it, by June 1st 2002 to the IMCO Executive Office at 1 King’s Close, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 9LU England Tel: +44 1590 688081 E-Mail;
20th to 25th August, Westende, Belgium
The Notice of Race has been published on the IFCA Website:
This will be a combined World Championship (freestyle and racing) and EuroCup event.
Also the latest PRODUCTION BOARD LIST - Updated 17 April 2002

PWA Freestyle Qualifier Neuesiedler See Austria 26-30 April 2002 - “a breeze from the past eventually came back here in Podersdorf (Austria) at the kick-off of the Freestyle season”
2002 Gran Canaria Vargas Aguimes PWA Wave Grand Prix - “the contest fired into spectacular action on the North shore of Gran Canaria in epic side shore conditions”
Leucate France 16-21 April 2002 and, To view results, pictures and reports on events so far –
Also for previews of Upcoming Events: King of the Cape 7-9 June 2002 Cape Cod, USA

MEN Qualifiers up to May 3rd 2002
URL: 02Eqlfm.pdf

MEN Qualifiers up to May 3rd 2002
URL: 02wqlfm.pdf

Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 5:

Port Phillip, which is one of the worlds' best open expanses of water for yacht racing, is the focal point "downunder" in Melbourne Australia for the conduct of world standard yacht racing. Over the years numerous International sailing events and regattas have been held on Port Phillip.

This year’s Sail Melbourne regatta attracted 1200 competitors, representing 21 countries. The Olympic & Invited classes event held at Sandringham Yacht Club was an outstanding success with racing conducted in the eleven Olympic sailing disciplines. There was extensive media coverage both nationally and internationally. The Sail Melbourne website attracted 577,000 during the regatta period.

In January 2003 Sail Melbourne will be conducting the inaugural Commonwealth Sailing Championships for:
* Mistral men and women
* Laser Radial for women
* Laser Men's
* Hobie 16 mixed men and women
* 470 men and women

The championships, which will be held at Sandringham Yacht Club following on from the Olympic & Invited Classes event, will commence on Saturday January 18th and conclude on Thursday January 23rd 2003. Entrants in the Commonwealth Championships will also be able to compete in the Sail Melbourne regatta which will be preceded by a two day coaching session conducted by the Australian Yachting Federation team led by Victor Kovalenko.
Participation in the two "back to back" International Sailing events will provide entrants with top level competition including the opportunity to become a Commonwealth Champion. Charter boats will be available.

Sandringham Yacht Club is well experienced in hosting major events. It is a central venue with excellent facilities. A wide range of accommodation and services are available within the close vicinity.

Kevin Wood
Chairman Sail Melbourne Management Committee
Email: Website:
A new feature has been added to the IMCO website. The newly introduced content management system will enable the very latest news to be added to the site with the minimum of effort. To access the latest news go to or visit the IMCO website at go to the "News" drop down menu at the top of the page and scroll down until you reach "Breaking News". We will do our best to add informative windsurfing related news as often as possible. In the meantime, if you have any information that you think the world should know about please do not hesitate to send it to

Chilli Trading Update

Dear Friends & Colleagues

As will now be known, Sportsworld Media Group Plc, the Parent Company that acquired Chilli Industries in 1999, went into administrative receivership in early April. In consequence, as a result of matters outside its control and through no fault of its own, Chilli was also forced into receivership. This resulted in devastation, disappointment and disbelief amongst the Chilli Team.

Notwithstanding this, the core Chilli crew has remained together to recreate what was special about Chilli. There has been much hard work and commitment shown over these last weeks and, despite the difficulties, it makes me proud to be involved with such a team.

In consequence I have the pleasure to announce that the same Crew and Production Team that have delivered the quality production values on which the Chilli name was built, will now carry on in a new form. The management team, through our new company Speed 9105 Ltd., have acquired the rights, titles and license agreements to the Chilli Video Catalogue including the back catalogue of Chilli TV programming. As of today, we are known as "Speed 9105" trading as "Chilli Media" remaining 'Chilli' through and through.

These last few weeks have been difficult times. Despite this I have been surprised and touched at the incredible loyalty and positive attitude many have demonstrated. We are dedicated to get 'Chilli' back to what it was and support the people who made it. The future is bright.

The core elements of the new Chilli group business will be:

Chilli Media headed up by myself, Dan Atkins
Ø TV - Sales & Distribution
Ø Chilli Video - Sales and distribution
Ø Chilli Marketing & Sponsorship

Chilli TV headed up by Emma Smith
Ø TV & Video Production
Ø News & Highlights Production and Distribution

Chilli Design - headed up by Dave Marcar
Ø Chilli Design have a wide knowledge of software and styles. Dave Marcar and his team have produced everything from brand id’s through to event themes, brochures, video sleeves, TV graphics and art direction for many major brands.

The Chilli facilities in France will now be owned and operated on an independent basis with Steve Hulatt (whom we have worked with for 15 years) and Louie Hubbard (whom we have worked with for 6 years). We will continue to work with Louie and Steve on a number of Chilli Projects.

Please call if you have any questions; wish to discuss our short-term plans and/or to explore ways we can to work together.

Best regards,

Dan Atkins, Director, Chilli Media
Gainsborough House, 2 Sheen Road, Richmond, UK, TW9 1AE

+44 (0) 208 973 2440 switchboard
+44 (0) 208 973 2441 fax
+44 (0) 208 973 2439 direct dial
+44 (0) 7979 537 458 mobile
The Cape Cod Windsurfing Association (CCWA) has created the “announcement mailing list” for the sole purpose of spreading information about their association. If you have would like to subscribe or have any announcements you would like to include on this list, please email: or visit their website for news of events:

E-MAIL has changed to
Please note the change of e-mail address above arising from the closure of the Compuserve 2000 service. This does not affect any of the addresses at “”.

There has been a spate of e-mail viruses lately. Please be aware that as a matter of policy we do not open e-mail with attachments that have no message text, especially where the sender’s address is not recognised. Also beware of those e-mails that apparently come from someone you know but have an underscore _ preceding their address; and also “returned mails” with attachments.

Just a reminder that the IMCO fax line has been temporarily discontinued to make sure that all entries for upcoming events are sent to the IWA office at +44 2392 468831

Our new web site is almost ready to go live and in order to speed up the process the current site has not been maintained as it should have been. Once the new site is up you should be able to enter events and pay with credit cards (Mastercard and Visa) on line. Thank you for your patience.

UK – second class – Euro 4.07
UK – first class - Euro 4.69
Europe - Euro 6.18
Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria (EU), Azerbaijan, Azores (EU), Balearic Islands (EU), Belarus, Belgium (EU), Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Corsica (EU), Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark (EU), Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland (EU), France (EU), Georgia, Germany (EU), Gibraltar, Greece (EU), Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Irish Republic (EU), Italy (EU), Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg (EU), Macedonia, Madeira (EU) Malta, Moldova, Monaco (EU), Netherlands (EU), Norway, Poland, Portugla (EU), Romania, Russia, San Marino, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain (EU), Spitzbergen, Sweden (EU), Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vatican, Yugoslavia
Zone 1 - Euro 9.24
All countries not listed
Zone 2 - Euro 9.92
Australia, Belau, China, East Timor, Fiji, French Polynesia, Guam, Japan, Kiribati, Korea, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Federated States, Mongolia, Nauru Island, New Caledonia, New Zealand and Island Territories, Norfolk Island, Nth Mariana Island, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Pitcairn Island, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Taiwan, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Wake Island, Wallis and Futuna Is, Western Samoa

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