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Windsurf E-News: 9 - June 2002
THE 2002 (and FIRST) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the IWA will be held at the National Sports Centre, Inverclyde on Saturday 3rd AUGUST 2002 commencing at 7.00 pm.

Officially incorporated as a UK limited Company on 22nd January 2001, the Articles of Association (the "Constitution") requires a first AGM within 18 months of Incorporation.

Only FULL MEMBERS in good standing (that is have paid their class fees for 2002) shall have the right to vote. All other members shall have the right to attend, but not speak or vote.
FULL MEMBERS are National Windsurfing Associations acknowledged as representing an ISAF approved (International or Recognised) Windsurfing Class.
Where a class is not represented by a NWA, the relevant MNA (ie ISAF Member National Authority) may represent one or more member class.
EACH Full Member shall receive ONE (1) vote for each member class that it represents.

1) Presentation of the Annual Report
2) Presentation of the Audited Accounts and the financial report for the year ended 31st December 2001
3) Appointment of legal advisor and auditors
4) Presentation of the Executive Committee budget and forward plan for 2002/2003
5) Review of membership subscriptions
6) Reports of sub -committees and Officers, including :
a) events/competition sub-committee
b) consitution working party
c) Olympic Secretary
d) Admin Officer
7) Any Other Business (AOB)

Agenda Items
Any items to be considered under AOB shall be submitted to the Hon. Secretary (via the IWA Office) no later than FORTY (40) days prior to the date of the AGM.
A list of such matters shall be distributed via Webnews 10 --ie THIRTY (30) days prior to the date of the AGM.

Full Members entitled to vote shall appoint in writing a representative to represent its views and to vote.
If a Full Member represents more than one (1) Member Class, it may empower a Delegate to cast one (1) vote for each member class represented.
Please advise the Hon. Secretary - via the IWA Office - on or before 18th JULY.

Proceedings and Voting
Every resolution proposed at the AGM shall be seconded.
Decisions are to be taken by a simple majority of votes cast by Delegates, except in the case of expulsion of a member (2/3 majority or 66% )or amendment to constitution (requiring 3/4 or 75%)

Voting may be given either personally or by proxy.
We - the Executive Committee - hope every nation will attempt to send a representative to the meeting.
Proxy - or giving your vote to another delegate - shall be in writing .
For full details contact the IWA Office as soon as possible.

The " Articles of Association " can be viewed in their entirety on the IWA Website.

Any further help you need please do not hesitate to contact the Office. It is IMPORTANT that you participate in this event.

1) Deadline for submission of Agenda Items -25th JUNE
2) Publication of full agenda and proposals - 4th JULY
3) Cut off date for registration of Delegates - 18th JULY
The newly constructed IWA website is now live at Content will be added on a daily basis from now on.

Those wishing to register to compete at an upcoming event may now do so on-line. When you arrive at the front page, look at the menu on the left hand side and click on "Competition" and then see "Register on-line". If you have already submitted your entry for any of the listed events direct to the IWA Office and have paid by credit card or bank transfer, there is no need to do so again... unless you wish to pay twice!

All entries via the Web Site will be acknowledged by World Pay. Please bring a copy of this proof of payment to the on-site registration desk when you arrive. It will save a lot of time!
If you would like to host a class continental championship in 2003/4/5 and you are an established event organizer, in the first instance, please contact the IWA office at The Classes are keen to begin detailed discussions with you for these sanctioned events including those for Oceania, South America, North America and Asia as well as for Europe. Please note that this invitation applies equally to wave & freestyle as well as to racing.

In addition, well-established sports marketing agencies with good connections with commercial sponsors are invited to make contact with the IWA with a view to establishing continental tours be they for racing or wave & freestyle. Each Organiser or tour promoter will be required to sign a straightforward agreement as well as work from a supportive event manual. In the first instance, please send a broad outline proposal stating basic weather, sea/lake and site conditions together with proposed dates to:
Largs, Scotland
The Aloha Class and the Raceboard Class will both hold their individual AGMs in Largs, Scotland during the 2002 Windsurfing World Championships. This advice is the official notice to each class national member that these two meetings will take place. Agenda items required by the constitutions include:
1) Approval of the minutes of the 2001 AGM
2) Chairman's report
3) Financial statements
4) Class Committee recommendations
5) Class Rule changes (if any)
6) Any Other Business

National Class Associations who wish to make a submission or raise an issue under Any Other Business are required to do so by fax or e-mail to the Class President, copy to the IWA Office by June 25th. Agendas and Items to be voted on shall be posted by July 3rd on class websites.

Only Delegates of paid up national windsurfing associations (or national authorities) representing the class and committee members are eligible to vote. Please ensure you nominate in writing your delegate to attend the AGM.

Aloha Class President: Ceri Williams
Raceboard Class President: Felipe Bellini
IWA Office: Annie Smith
Puerto Sherry, Cadiz, Spain
The Agenda for the second Mistral Junior One Design Annual General Meeting was posted on the IMCO website on May 29th. Please go to to download a copy and remember that only delegates from National MJOD Class Associations who have paid their annual fees will be allowed to vote.
These include GBR, HKG, ISR, ITA, KOR, NED and SWE.

According to Article 10.1.4 of the constitution delegates may vote by fax to +44 2392 468831 or by e-mail to if they have not appointed an alternate according to Article 10.1.3. This may be done in writing at any time before the meeting starts.
Please note that free accommodation and daily transfers to and from the race site will be available during the regatta only. Also it is essential that if you are under the age of 18, your parents or legal guardian complete and sign Form 2. The local organisers are naturally reluctant to have unaccompanied minors on site with no one to look after them. Please therefore comply with their wishes and advise them who will be responsible for you while in Spain.
By Dorota Staszewska
Three Main Reasons:

1.Enlarging WOMEN fleet - VITAL interest of Formula Windsurfing Class
... majority is closer to 60kg, than to 70kg. Additionally most of IMCO female sailors are 50-60kg. As there is only one racer from each country qualifying for OG and the Olympic teams are made out of several racers, we have chance to attract those "not qualified" to try out and join fun Formula racing....

2.NO TRUE NEED OF 11meter sail
As I have been talking recently to one of the best sailors Steve Allen (83kg) he expressed his opinion that with the new wide boards 9.8 of the sail area is just enough for even big size sailor as him to plain in lightest wind conditions. It is the matter of the SAILING TECHNIQUE THAT HAS TO BE LEARNT and BODY CONDITION. Not the weight....
Steve Allen is not alone with his opinion, there were are many 75+ kg men to share his it. Myself I belong to the heavy part of women sailors (173cm, 70kg) and I am quite sure that plaining with 9.8 in 7-10 knots wind condition is possible. The only thing not to be ignored is that we stick to 7 knots limit!

Every sport - Olympic or not - depends on media and sponsors. If the sport is attractive it gets more credit and more interest. Professional windsurfers, women or men, should be role models for regular people in terms of the life style, philosophy of living. ...

Also read Dorota's views on...
a) Restrict equipment to 2 sails & 2 fins
b) Max wind limit to be 25 knots
c) Silver fleet
To read the whole text go to
Following the rebirth of the PWA during 2001, the Professional Windsurfers Association will once more be complete as the single, no compromise, governing body for Professional Windsurfing Worldwide. The PWA is pleased to announce the addition of the 2002 PWA Pan Am Cup in Puerto Rico, as the first PWA Formula racing World Cup for 2002. This Grand Prix event at the beginning of August, will herald the return of racing to the PWA circuit, making the PWA the single most recognized arena sanctioned by the ISAF, for the 3 main windsurfing disciplines, Racing, Wave Performance and Freestyle.

Phil McGain, PWA Chairman - "We have been working hard to secure a stronger tour this year and with racing returning to the PWA tour in the form of Formula, we are able to deliver what the sailors, industry and media have been asking for".

.... With the past success of the Sylt World Cup through our continuing relationship with MNP (Matthias Neumann), this year¹s event will no doubt be a huge windsurfing spectacular, thus cementing the bond between IWA, PWA and the Formula Class, and establishing PWA as the premier body for professional racing regatta¹s.

For the full text and details of these and other events on the PWA World Tour, visit
The new and improved Raceboard website is now live at The front page features images of a recent Raceboard South American Championship. The whole site has been redesigned to be quick and easy to navigate and include the Class Rules, constitution, minutes of meetings and details of past world champions. The intention is to keep the site updated on a regular basis.
With 30 days to go to the opening of the ISAF World Sailing Games, the team in charge of the "on the water" organisation is already working hard, under the supervision of Corinne Aubert, together with the Federation Francaise de Voile (FFV) and ISAF. 200 people representing many different countries will look after organisation of the races, safety, fleet organisation and management of the spectator vessels and are preparing for Wednesday 29 June which will see about 1,000 athletes and 500 support team members ready to take part in the 2002 ISAF World Sailing Games.

The ten World Championship medals will be contested in the following major racing areas in the bay of Marseille using "windward/leeward" and "trapezoid" courses:
- South Bay Sailing area - which is close to the shore will provide racing for the Bic Techno's and Hobie 16's,
- Offshore Sailing area - will see the 470 and Laser Standard and Laser Radial fleets competing, and the
- North Bay Sailing area - will be used for the J/80 and J/22 keelboats.
The media will be well catered for when the racing gets underway in Marseille, with daily press releases from 29 June in English and French, which will be distributed no later than 1800 hours (local time) for that day's racing, and results distributed by 1100 hours (local time) for the previous day's racing. Images free of rights will be available from the event website.
An extensive media coverage in France is planned, including partnerships with France Television (France 2, France 3, France 3 Mediterranee) who will show a 7 minute daily programme. Radio Stations will provide daily live national and regional programmes.

For full information on the 2002 ISAF World Sailing Games, visit the website:
Have your say as the International Olympic Committee launches extensive consultation on the future of the Olympic Games. Following the establishment earlier this year of the Olympic Games Study Commission by Dr Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), a section of the Olympic Movement's website has been dedicated to gathering ideas aimed at reducing the cost, size and complexity of the Games, while preserving their success.

All constituencies of the Olympic Movement, private and public sports bodies, scholars plus the public at large, are invited to submit their ideas relating to the organisation of the Games by visiting the home page of the Olympic Movement's website and completing a questionnaire found by clicking on the icon "Public Suggestions", or go direct to

"Evidence suggests that the costs of staging the Olympic Games have continued to rise and the Games have become increasingly complex to organise. If such costs are not brought under control, there is some risk that the Games may become too big and too complex for all but a few cities or countries to handle", stated Richard W. Pound, Chairman of the Games Study Commission. "We believe that working with Olympic Games experts and consulting with all Olympic constituencies should be complemented by a wide public consultation process. It is with this in mind that we decided to launch "Public Suggestions". Everyone is inspired by the Olympic Games and therefore, they should have an opportunity to make suggestions on the future of the Games. We thank everyone for their participation in this effort."

The Olympic Games Study Commission has been established with a mandate to review all aspects of the organisation of the Olympic Games, with a view to assist host cities and host countries to reduce the expenditures on the occasion of the Olympic Games. The Commission will submit interim recommendations to the extraordinary IOC Session in November of this year in Mexico City, Mexico.

The latest rankings for all Olympic Classes was released on 30 May 2002 and are published on the ISAF website: The next issue of the rankings will be released on 2 July 2002 following the Kieler Woche Regatta in Germany.
With effect from the 30 May World Sailing Rankings Release, you can now subscribe to directly receive the Rankings via email. Choose to receive an overview detailing the top 20 crew in each event (class) or to receive the top 200 crews by event (class), in either html or text format. The Rankings will be emailed to you the day of release. Want to subscribe? Go to ISAF Sailor - - and if you are already registered go to Email Services and tick the publications you wish to receive. If you are not registered to ISAF Sailor, then complete the simple registration before proceeding to Email Services.

After a blast of breeze in SPA and an impressive line of bullets Przemyslaw Miarczynski (POL 126) qualified comfortably for the 2002 Mistral Worlds to be staged in Pattaya, Thailand in December. Four more racers join him in making firm plans to try and qualify (top 12 nations from the 2002 Worlds) their countries to compete at the 2004 Olympic Regatta. These are: Huguet, Nicholas (FRA 8), Myszka, Piotr (POL 82), Launay, Samuel (FRA 112)and Manchon, Curro (ESP 1). Go to for a complete list of qualifiers to date.

Meanwhile 10 men qualified to race at the Mistral Europeans to be staged in Neusiedlersee, Austria from September 4th > 15th 2002. Topping the list is Nick Dempsey (GBR 21) who returned to form in SPA having been ill at Hyeres. The other nine are: Myszka, Piotr (POL 82), Launay, Samuel (FRA 112), Guter, Sebastian (GER 52), Boutet, Christophe (FRA 88), McCallin, Leo (GBR 5), Giordano, Ricardo (ITA 12), Sims Williams, Hugh (GBR 151), Alberti, Alessandro (ITA 36) and Lugsch, Martin (AUT 195). Go to for a complete list of qualifiers to date.
Final results
Mistral Masters Gold Cup
Puerto Santa Maria, Cadiz, Spain
July 6th >13th
Whilst entries are now coming in steadily for the 2002 Mistral Junior & Youth World Championship, it is good to note that it is now possible to make your entries on-line. Go to...
Mistral Youth Entries
Mistral Junior Entries
Mistral Masters Entries
Aloha "Junior" and "Minim" World Championship
Formula Windsurfing "Youth" World Championship
Raceboard "Masters" World Championship
Raceboard and Raceboard "Unlimited" World Championship
Formula Open Championship (Juniors, Espoirs & Masters)
3rd to 10th August 2002, Largs, Scotland

For new entries only, please! If you have already submitted your entry to any of the Championships now available on line to the IWA Office with credit card details, DO NOT enter again otherwise your card may be charged twice! All entries via the Web Site will be acknowledged by World Pay and this will be a useful proof of entry at registration.

Aloha Junior Entries
FW Youth Entries
FW Open Entries
Raceboard Worlds Entries
Raceboard Masters Entries
Raceboard Unlimited Entries
20th to 25th August, Westende, Belgium
The IFCA World Championships 2002 will be held from August 20th to 25th 2002 in Westende Belgium. Competition will be organized combining Racing (FW) and Freestyle on ISAF approved Production Boards. The Championships will be organized by VVW Westende , for and on behalf of and under specified conditions laid down by the IFCA in co-operation with the IWA, ISAF, Choppy Water and the Royal Belgian Yachting Association. Racing will take place from the Beach of the VVW Westende Surfclub St-Laureinsstrand, Westende-Middelkerke in Belgium on the North Sea. During August the weather conditions are depending on High - Low pressure systems, water temp 16-18°C, average air temp 15-20°C. Committee Boats will be moored in the Harbor of Nieuwpoort at the VVW Nieuwpoort.

NOR in pdf:
Entry forms in pdf:
On Line Entries:
The registering of boards continues through the year although new Race boards will not be able to compete in International FW events.

GUN - The MYTHOS race board is now a fully registered Production Funboard.

KINETIC have fully registered the Ultralite Slalom 58. 2760 long by 580 wide, 5.8 kilos and 106 litres.

FURTHER INFORMATION: The full list of ISAF registered Production Boards can be found on the IWA website in the 'Competition' section. The Formula Windsurfing Class approved boards list can be found by clicking the FW logo on the IWA homepage.
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