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Windsurf E-News: 10 - July 2002
The 1st ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2002 of the International Windsurfing Association will be held at the National Sports Centre, Inverclyde on Saturday 3rd August 2002 commencing at 7.00 pm.


1. Welcome and apologies

2. Annual report
Presented by the President, and chairman of the Executive Committee, Bruno de Wannemaeker
and a power point presentation defining the IWA - "What is the IWA ?"

3. Presentation of the Audited Accounts, and financial report for the year ended 31 December 2001
by Hon Treasurer, John Ellis

4. Appointment of legal advisor and auditor 2002/3

5. Presentation of the Executive Committee Budget (including member class budgets) for 2002
and forward plan for 2003

6. Review of membership subscriptions
ie full members (national class affiliations) and presentation of proposals for :
a) corporate membership
b) associate membership
c) individual membership

7. Reports of sub committees and officers
a) Events and Competition Sub Committee presented by Chairman, Ceri Williams
including principles of competition structure and a "unified" calendar, event and tour agreements, event manual, and sanctioning fees.
b) Constitution Working Party
to include a Power Point Presentation on a revised IWA Constitution, its implications for classes, and a proposal to adopt constitution for 2003.
c) Executive Secretary (IMCO)
on Olympic Windsurfing, historical, and its significance plus a Power Point Presentation on the IWA Joint Classes Proposal for 2008.
d) IWA Measurers Committee presented by Chairman, Steven Schrier

8. Appointment of IWA General Manager

9. Any other business

Only FULL MEMBERS in good standing (that is have paid their class fees for 2002) shall have the right to vote. All other members shall have the right to attend, but not speak or vote. FULL MEMBERS are National Windsurfing Associations acknowledged as representing an ISAF approved (International or Recognised) Windsurfing Class.
Where a class is not represented by a NWA, the relevant MNA (ie ISAF Member National Authority) may represent one or more member class. EACH Full Member shall receive ONE (1) vote for each member class that it represents.

Full Members entitled to vote shall appoint in writing a representative to represent its views and to vote. If a Full Member represents more than one (1) Member Class, it may empower a Delegate to cast one (1) vote for each member class represented.
Please advise the Hon. Secretary - via the IWA Office - on or before 18th JULY.

Proceedings and Voting
Every resolution proposed at the AGM shall be seconded. Decisions are to be taken by a simple majority of votes cast by Delegates, except in the case of expulsion of a member (2/3 majority or 66% )or amendment to constitution (requiring 3/4 or 75%).

Voting may be given either personally or by proxy. Proxy - or giving your vote to another delegate - shall be in writing.

The " Articles of Association " can be viewed in their entirety on the IWA Website.

The Executive Committee hopes every nation will attempt to send a representative to the meeting. Please notify the IWA Office - as soon as possible of the names of representatives attending.

Any further help you need please do not hesitate to contact the Office. It is IMPORTANT that you participate in this event.

3-10 August, Largs, Scotland
You still have time to enter this event at the PRE-ENTRY price of Eur150. Some countries have yet to hold their qualifying regattas so, to be fair to all, the entry deadline has been extended even though we already have 150 entries.

Where are the girls? I' m going to participate to the World's in Scotland but I'm really worry because: "Where are the girls??" It's a real problem for me because I live in New Caledonia, very far from you! And this travel make me spend a lot of money and lose 2 and an alf week of school..., tell me this event will be valid! I really hope so!

Come on girls, get those entries in and put Sarahs mind at rest!

The Aloha AGM will be held at Largs Sailing Club on Monday 5 August 2002. The exact time and location will be published on the official notice board.
Will all those countries that have paid their fees for the class please nominate their representative to attend and vote at this meeting. This can be done by contacting the IWA office: Any interested person is of course welcome to attend.

20th to 25th August, Westende, Belgium
A minimum prize fund of 15.000 Euro will be paid following Euro-Cup General Rules
Free transport from Brussels Airport to Event Site!!
Organization: Belgian Association for Boardriders Competitors and local club VVW Westende

Schedule of Races:
August 20th Registration, Measurement
August 21th Registration, Measurement, Opening Ceremony - Casino Middelkerke
August 21th Racing, 14:00hrs First possible start
August 22th Racing
August 23th Racing
August 24th Racing
August 25 Racing, 14.00hrs Last possible Start, Closing Ceremony Beach

Place: Sint Laureins beach, Westende - Middelkerke
Westende/Middelkerke is situated 15 km West of Ostend on the shores of the North Sea

Nearest Airport: Ostend 10 km, International Airport Brussels 115 km, send e-mail with flight info and request for FREE pickup to bruno

Tourist Board:

- Formula Windsurfing:
most attractive Racing discipline
possible new Olympic class 2008
part of Euro Cup Tour 2002
- Freestyle:
Spectacular, trendy windsurfing
Tricks and Manoevers
knock-out elimination series
close to the beach

Entry fee: - 150 Euro
!! Selected sailors should recover 77 Euro (=150 DM) from their National Authority as prescribed in the IFCA Constitution, Appendix V Rule10.3

- >100 windsurfers from all over the World (25 Nations)
- 4 divisions: Men, Women, Youth and Masters

- Windsurf Event situated at West-end of Promenade, the prime destiny for Walkers and bikers in Westende /Middelkerke.
- Westende Middelkerke has normal 16.500 inhabitants.
- In Holiday season 320.000 people stay at least one night on vacation in the town every month
- Party on Saturday night with over 2.000 entrants
- Daily Movie-night "Extreme sports" with over 1.000 viewers /event

- 2 TV Crews Full Time + 1 TV crew on stand-by
- Life Broadcast on 6 meter by 4 meter Giant Screen
- Free Images at disposal of National and International Television Production house.
- International Press through contacts Windsurfing Office
- National Press: Partnership with Media sponsor
- Town Westende-Middelkerke
- Vlaamse Vereniging Voor Watersport VVW Westende
- Vlaamse Yachting Federatie and BLOSO

NOR in pdf:
Entry forms in pdf:
On Line Entries:
National Association Contact Details can now be viewed on the IWA Web Site, together with Class Fee subscription categories paid. It would be very helpful if each Association could check their details and let Annie know of any errors:

Register on Line: Competitors may currently enter the Windsurfing Worlds at Largs, the IFCA Worlds at Westende and the Mistral Europeans, Austria via the IWA website.

Up-coming Event entry lists (for entries taken directly by the IWA) can also be viewed on line.

The International Windsurfing Association has been asked to put forward proposals to the ISAF Windsurfing Committee working party established to make recommendations to the ISAF Events Committee and Council on the selection of Olympic windsurfing equipment for use at the 2008 Olympic Sailing Regatta in Quing Dao, China. To this end a "white paper" has been developed with input from current Olympic windsurfing Class as well as from other class personnel. The IWA think that it is important not only to draw upon current experience & thinking within the classes but also from as wide a cross section of the industry as possible including board, fin, boom, mast and sail brands so the paper was circulated to as many industry members as possible.

We appreciate that the time period in which manufacturers were asked to respond to this consultative document was short. However, the process within ISAF is moving forward and IWA needs to respond quickly. This we have done by forwarding the white paper unamended. Please do not now assume that your opportunity to comment is now well and truly over. It is not. Your feed back on this matter would still be very much appreciated as would your comments or suggestions on any other matter causing you concern. For copy of the White Paper, please contact the IWA Office

Attention competitors!
The Windsurfing Euro-Cup in Lelystad (The Netherlands) 28.08. - 01.09. is cancelled!!

Currently on: Euro Cup Sylt - Go to FW site for up-to-the-minute news and pictures

FW Grand Prix Rhodes Final Results:
1.Antoine Albeau F-192
2.Wojtek Brzozwski POL-10
3.Steve Allen AUS-0
Go to for reports, results and excellent photos.

CURRENTLY ON Mistral Youth & Junior World Championships, Puerto Santa Maria, Cadiz, Spain, July 6-13

Mistral European Championship / Mistral European Youth & Junior European Championship
Neusiedlersee, Austria, September 4th-15th 2002
Notice of Race and forms:
Or enter on line via
It's Showtime! It was a perfect preparation day for the world's most prestigious windsurfing Freestyle event. On that beautiful warm and sunny day loads of spectators found their way to Conca d Oro at Torbole, Lake Garda to see their favorite riders.
Read More -

In a thrilling final held right in front of the crowds Tati Frans (Gaastra, AHD) took first place followed by his brother Tonki (Gaastra, AHD) in second with Andrea Rosati (Neil Pryde, RRD) of Italy finishing in third. Despite the lack of an official result, organizers and competitors are still heralding this years event as a major success. Sailors have been out on the water everyday and the hospitality and festival feel of the event has been received well by the crowds.
Read More Review and results:
2002 Pozo Gran Canaria PWA Grand Slam Preview -
2002 Fuerteventura Grand Prix Freestyle Preview -

The 2002 Raceboard Annual General Meeting will be held during the World Championship. Paid up national delegates are eligible to vote. If you have any "agenda items" that you would like to put forward, please do so by e-mailing Felipe Bellini at with a copy to the IWA office. Observers are welcome to attend, of course.

The NOR is now available for the Formula Experience European Championships, 14-18th August 2002, Brest, France. Go to:

The Extreme Group, the holding Company for Extreme Sports Channel, have teamed up with SportBusiness Group and Remedy to launch a new trade magazine called Actionsports Source. Geared towards the actionsports industry, Actionsports Source will launch in August 2002. Thanks to relationships with ISPO, Surf Shop Expo and Black Diamond, it will be circulated free of charge to all European dealers with commercial interests in street, surf and snow, as well as to brand owners and distributors.
For more information, logos or pictures from the Extreme Group please contact:

Lynn Seymour, Press Department, EXTREME GROUP
Tel +44 1787 479000; Fax +44 1787 479111; Email:
Web: TV channel:; Corp:

(final stop on the PWA Tour) December 11-15 2002
Lac Bay, Bonaire, Netherland Antilles
PURSE: TBA DIVISIONS: Pro Men, Pro Women, Amateur Men, Amateur Men Masters (35+), Amateur Women, Novice, and Juniors. (under construction)

As with the sister event, The King of the Cape, many TOP pros are expected to descend upon this windy paradise, the home of the Bonaire Sailing Team. Come see the playground and the place where up and coming Pros Keke Dammers and Tonky and Tati Frans learned their fast and crazy maneuvers.

Bonaire has one of the gentlest climates in the Caribbean. There is very little rainfall (less than 22 inches annually) and a prevailing easterly trade wind that provides a consistent breeze making perfect conditions for freestyling in Lac Bay. Windsurfers could not ask for a better spot than Lac Bay on Bonaire's east coast. There is 90% chance of favorable winds in this sheltered, shallow bay allowing a challenge for the expert sailor as well as allowing the novice to advance to the next level. The bay protected by the Bonaire Marine Park rules and regulations, has the most beautiful turquoise water and balmy breezes. It is approximately 8 square kilometers and free
from boat traffic. Shallow water and onshore wind is perfect for the beginner freestyler/windsurfer. More experienced sailors head out to Kai where the swells and waves are perfect for an aerial freestyle extravaganza.

Location: 30 miles (48 km) from Curacao; 50 miles (80 km) north of Venezuela and 86 miles (129 km) east of Aruba. Size: 24 miles (39 km) long by 3-7 miles wide, 112 square miles (290 km). Highest elevation is Brandaris Hill, 784 feet (240 meters). Climate: Yearly average temperature is 82F (27.8C); water temperature of 80F (26.7C); rainfall of 22 inches (56 cm); humidity of 76%. Sunny, all year round.

Discounted air and accommodations will be available and announced in another press release.

For further information contact Ann Phelan, KOTC PR and Event Director, at:, or call: 011-599-791-5682 (July 1-Aug. 19)

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