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Antoine Albeau dominates EC MONDIAL DU VENT Leucate
Posted On:  28/04/2006

+++ Leucate, April 27th 2006.

The final day brought again great conditions for the Windsurfing Euro-Cup MONDIAL DU VENT in Leucate. The terrifying Tramontana wind was even a little bit stronger then on the day before gusting up to almost 45 knots. After the four eliminations yesterday, additional four eliminations were run for the mens fleet and five more for the women. The French national hero Antoine Albeau (FRA-192, Starboard, Neil Pryde) fully dominated the event in front of Finian Maynard (KV-11, F2, Neil Pryde) and Cyril Mouusilmani (FRA-71, Fanatic, North Sails).

In the first race of the day Antoine Albeau extended his lead with a victory in front of his biggest opponent Finian Maynard. Cyril Moussilmani scored an excellent third place but was forced to let Finian pass in the result. Steve Allen (AUS-0, Tabou, Gaastra), the Formula Windsurfing World Champion of 2003 scored a fourth in front of the French Youngster Julien Quentel (FRA-421, Starboard, Neil Pryde).

The second race brought again the same top three racers in the same order with Antoine, Finian and Cyril. But this time they had the F2 shaper and top racer Patrick Diethelm (ITA-120, F2, North Sails) on their back followed by Cedric Bordes (FRA-91, Tabou, Naish Sails).

In the third race Antoine Albeau confirmed his triumph in the Windsurfing Euro-Cup MONDIAL DU VENT with another victory in front of Finian Maynard. The current IFCA European Slalom Champion Ben van der Steen (NED-57, Exocet, Naish Sails) was able to win the third place in front of Benoit Moussilmani (FRA-72) and Cedric Bordes.

In the final race Antoine Albeau was able to stay at the beach as his victory was already saved. Finian Maynard scored his second bullet at the Euro-Cup Mondial du Vent Leucate. The second place went to his F2 team racer Patrick Diethelm. Daniel Ellis (GBR-52, Fanatic, Naish Sails) was able to score a brilliant third in front of Ben van der Steen and Steve Allen.

After a total of eight slalom eliminations the racers can discard their three worst results. Antoine Albeau fully dominated the Windsurfing Euro-Cup MONDIAL DU VENT with six bullets. The perfect score of 3.5 ponts allowed him to stay at the beach in the final race. The second place went to Finian Maynard with 7.4 points. He was a little bit unlucky on the first day but clearly confirmed his second place with perfect starts and superior speed. On the third place followed Cyril Moussilmani with 15.0 points. Patrick
Diethelm (18.0 points) became fourth in front of Julien Quentel (25.0 points) and Ben van der Steen (25.0 points).

The women even had eleven slaloms which granted them four discards. The current IFCA Slalom World Champion Karin Jaggi fully dominated the fleet with eight bullets and the perfect total of 5.6 points in front of Valerie Ghibaudo (FRA-444, T1, Gun Sails) with two bullets and 13.4 points followed by Ophelie Joly (FRA-64, F2, North Sails) and Marion Raisi (FRA-21, Exocet, Neil Pryde).

Leucate left an excellent impression among the racers and the Euro-Cup organization. It was necessary to wait some days but when the venue finally went off the wind got nuclear allowing spectacular slalom action. Everybody is already looking forward to return with the Windsurfing Euro-Cup next year for the 11th MONDIAL DU VENT.

From Leucate in France the Euro-Cup racers will travel to Portimao in the south of Portugal. Then it will be the time for the racing experts as the Formula Windsurfing European Championships will take place from May 8th to 13th.

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